• handClassroom Expectations/ Positive Reinforcement
    1.  Respect yourself, others, and their property.
    2.  Listen and follow directions.
    3.  Be prepared.
    4.  Always give your best effort. 
    walkingHallway Expectations
    1.  Hold a bubble in your mouth. (Champ 0)
    2.  Hands to your side or behind your back.
    3.  Use your walking feet.
    Daily Folder
    Each day your child will bring home a Daily Folder.  If your child has made good choices, he/she will have a blank calendar.  If your child has signed the Oops! book twice, his/her folder will be marked with what rules were broken. 
     Treasure Box Tickets
     Treasure Box Tickets include such things as, Stinky Feet Pass, Lunch with the Teacher, Cool Cat in a Hat, Free Computer Time, Seat Swap, etc.  These are incentives that students enjoy that are rewards for excellent classroom behavior.
Last Modified on August 11, 2017