All Denton ISD students must register for transportation services prior to riding the bus. This registration process will allow the District to verify each student’s address and eligibility.  Eligibility will be determined at the time of registration. You may register for Bus Transportation Services by one of the following methods:

    Online:   click on Bus Service Application and follow the simple directions.  Your application will be received the day following your submission and will be processed as soon as possible (approx. 48 hrs) - you will then be contacted with the results by phone.
    In Person:  you may come to the Transportation Dept (see map) and fill out an application.  It will be processed as soon as possible (approx. 48 hrs) - you will be contacted with the results by phone.
    Early Registration:   Each spring, Transportation gives parents/guardians of current riders the opportunity to register for the next academic year.  Your child will receive an application from their bus driver.  Once completed, it is to be returned to the driver.  You will be notified during the summer by mail with results.

    Please provide your student's campus with address verification documents should you move during the school year


    Denton school bus drivers are highly trained professionals who have obtained a Federal Commercial Drivers License with air brake, passenger and school bus endorsements.  They are required to attend a 20-hr school bus driver safety-training course approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety as well as pass a physical examination, which is required by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Additional Denton ISD training is required in Safety/Student Management/DISD procedures.

    "We strive to be the best because our children deserve to be safe."

    Denton ISD's bus drivers work directly for the school district.  They must be trained in Denton policy/procedures and come directly under district control and supervision while transporting Denton students.  They are responsible for safely driving the school bus, transporting the students and staying on time.  In order to aide the drivers with that responsibility, they are given control over daily operations.  This may include the following:  assigning seats, requiring silence on the bus, conferences with students, instruction in emergency procedures, etc.

    Register your child for Transportation.  Your student must be registered to be eligible for Bus Service.  Students that are not registered may be denied transportation services.  If you move, you must provide the campus with a new proof of residency as Transportation is based upon whatever address the campus has entered and until it is updated, bussing will continue to be provided to the original address.
    In order to maintain the routing/bus schedule, drivers cannot wait (unless they are early) at bus stops and may not have sufficient time to return if your child missed the  bus.  Children must be at their stops five (5) minutes before scheduled pick up time.  Instruct your children on procedures to follow if they miss the bus.
    Take the time to go over all the bus safety rules and consequences listed below with your child.  Make sure they understand the need for following the safety rules on the bus and the necessity for respecting others as well as themselves. 
    If your student should lose their bus privileges, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to transport to and from school.
    To insure the safety and security of all students on Denton ISD buses, parents may not board the bus at any time.  Should you need to discuss an issue with the bus driver, please contact our office at (940) 369-0300.  The driver has been instructed not to engage in discussions with parents on route to avoid route delays.

    Take the time to go over all the bus safety rules and consequences and make sure you understand the need for following the safety rules on the bus and the necessity for respecting other students as well as yourself.  Remember that the driver is the authority on your bus.
    • Be at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
    • Wait next to, but not in the street, driveway or parking lot.
    • When the bus approaches, form a line and be prepared to load immediately.
    • Stand clear of the bus until it comes to a complete stop.
    • Use the handrail and steps.
    • Go directly to your seat and sit down.
    • The bus will not move until you are properly seated.
    • If you miss the bus, go home immediately.
Last Modified on July 28, 2015