• ABC's of Second Grade

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     Absences:  In the event your child is absent, please send a signed, dated note so the absence can be excused. Missed work can be made up in class or sent home for completion. (See parent handbook for more detailed information about excused absences.)
    Arrival:  The building doors will open at 7:10 am.  Bus riders are dropped off at the front of the building and are directed to the cafeteria or gym. Car riders are dropped off in the back of the building and are also sent to the cafeteria or gym. At 7:30 am. students are dismissed to their classrooms. Students are expected to be in class prepared to learn by the time the tardy bell rings at 7:40 am. Family members are welcome to walk students to class as well. 


    Birthdays:  We will not have in-class birthday parties.  However, your child may share his/her birthday with his/her classmates by bringing an individually wrapped snack, cookies or “goody bags” for each student in the class. We will enjoy these treats at the end of the day or during recess.  

     Children should not bring invitations for a private party to school, unless the invitations include everyone in the student’s class.  Please note:  a PTA directory will be available to purchase in early fall which will include student home addresses.

    Cell phones: Students who need to have personal phones at school must keep them turned off and in their backpacks while in the classroom.  If the phone rings or if the child is using the phone during class, the classroom teacher will take the phone to the office for safekeeping. A parent or guardian will then be able to retrieve the phone for $15. 

    Our district supports the Safe and Civil Schools initiative to ensure all students understand expected behavior at our school.  It is a positive behavior model which teaches students behavioral expectations in all situations so that students know what to do.  You may hear your child talk about CHAMPS which an acronym for Conversation, Help, Movement, Participation, Success! Each letter stands for a particular behavioral expectation.  For example, when students transition from the classroom to the hallway, the 'C' in conversation means that students are expected to bring their voice level to a zero, which means silence.  It is our belief that by teaching common and consistent behavioral expectations to all students they will be more successful at school. Classroom teachers also use Class Dojo to award Bulldog Bucks to students who are making the best behavioral choices. We believe that students should receive three positive reinforcements for every negative reinforcement, and  those are as follows: 


    • a verbal reminder of  the expected behavior;
    • a Bulldog Buck fine of $1;
    • an assignment to walk minutes at recess; (noted on the behavior chart);
    • an assignment into another class; (noted on the behavior chart and a call home);
    • an office referral (noted on the behavior chart and a call home).   
    Communication: We believe student success is enriched when teachers and parents work together to accomplish this shared goal.  Communication is key.  In addition to the student binder, we will also utilize Remind101 to send parents texts about upcoming events, post regularly on our grade and individual webpages, and electronically send you a weekly newsletter.  On Tuesdays, the Tuesday Newsday folder will go home with information about school and community events. Phone calls and emails are important too--please make sure your child's teacher has an up to date cell phone number and email address for the latest and greatest second grade news! Our school also utilizes Peach Jar eflyers to electronically communicate with you about upcoming school and district events. 

    Conferences:    District-wide Parent/Teacher conferences will occur October 13, 2017.  Please look for a schedule sign up at Meet the Teacher Night. You will have the opportunity to sit down with your child's teacher to discuss progress, concerns, and hear how amazing your child is! Throughout the course of the year, if you would like to schedule another conference, our conference period is 11:05 am to 11:50 am. Please call or email to set up an appointment with your child's teacher. 

    Daily Binders: Binders will be sent home daily and should return every day in your child’s backpack. Please check these binders daily.  Read, complete, and return appropriate papers in this binder.  A daily conduct chart is also located in the binder and should be initialed daily. We will also include a school lunch menu and the daily conduct sheet in the binder as well. 


    begins at 2:50


    Daycare and bus riders:  front of school

    Extended day: gym

    Car riders:  walked out by teachers by car tag number from the cafeteria to your car. Please display your child's car tag number so we can quickly and accurately bring your child to your car. For your child's safety, please do not park in the back and walk to the cafeteria to pick up your child. If there is an emergency, please go to the front office. 



    On days you need to change the way your child goes home, PLEASE CONTACT THE FRONT OFFICE AT 940-369-0800 with the change by 2:30 or you may send a note in your child’s binder in the morning.  For your child's safety, it is imperative that we have accurate dismissal information. 

    Dressing for School:  no bare midriffs, halter tops, short shorts, saggy baggy pants, spaghetti straps, t-backs or flip-flops. Classroom temperatures are sometimes chilly; an extra jacket in the backpack is always welcome. If you have any questions about the school dress code, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct.

     Grading:  Second grade students will receive an 1, 2, or 3 grade based on rubrics for each content area.  The classroom teacher and the students will maintain a communication tool folder with copies of rubrics, student goals and progress toward those goals inside the folder.  Every three weeks, the folders will go home.  Parents will be able to see progress and help their child on concepts missed. We also utilize digital portfolios for our students (SeeSaw). To monitor grades online, parents must register for the district's Home Access Center (HAC).  Sign up & log in at http://www.dentonisd.org/grades

    Homework:Please refer to the classroom newsletter for daily homework and due dates.  Homework will be sent home in the “Homework” pocket in the binder.  Homework should remain in the pocket unless it is taken out to complete in the evening.  Generally, second graders will have a daily reading log where they note that they have read with the supervision of an adult for 20 minutes and a math worksheet or math fact fluency to complete or practice. Our homework is designed to improve skills and show you what we have been doing in class that day.  If your child needs longer than 30 minutes per night to complete the homework, please bring this to the attention of your child's teacher. 

    Lunch:   We'll place a fresh copy of the lunch menu in your child's binder every month so you can plan accordingly. Each teacher has a different lunch time, so please check with your child's teacher for specific times. If you would like to eat with your child, there are tables set up on the stage for that purpose. We will meet you there! The lunch menus are also on the Denton ISD webpage here:http://www.dentonisd.org/Page/56582 If your child brings a lunch, please make sure to write their first and last name in permanent marker on the lunch box. If your child buys his/her lunch, you can add money to his/her lunch account by going here http://parentonline.net or sending check or cash to school with your child. We'll make sure the money gets to the cafeteria. 

    Medications:  All medications administered by school personnel must be accompanied by a doctor’s order including all prescription and over-the-counter medicines.  Parent must go to the nurse’s office and fill out a medication form for the file in the nurse’s office.   

     Mighty Dog and Top Dog: Kindergarten, First and Second grades utilize a color coded system to monitor daily behavior in the classroom. The  colors are indicated on the chart.  If  there is a color change during the day, it will be noted on the chart and sent home. Please initial in the box daily. Every six weeks, all students are eligible for a 'Mighty Dog' award which recognizes positive behavioral choices every six weeks. To be eligible for the 'Mighty Dog' for the first and second six weeks, a student's color can only be changed one time. Top Dogs are one boy and one girl chosen each six weeks from the grade level who best exemplify our 'Bulldog' traits which are: Be Positive, Uplift Others, Look for Ways to Help, Learn Something New Every Day, Do our Best, Obey the rules, Give Respect to All.  

    Positive reinforcement We want to reward our students (positively reinforce) when your child follows behavioral expectations.  Every teacher on our campus is committed to recognizing good choices!  
    The following are ways in which we will reinforce good choices in the classroom: 
    - Smellies! 
    - Hugs!
    - High Fives
    - Pats on the Back
    -Class Dojo points 
    - Verbal praise and compliments
    - Notes home to “BRAG”
    - Schoolwide token system. Students receive different colored tokens (Bulldog Bucks) which equal a certain amount. They can receive these tokens throughout the day for turning in homework, for reading at home, and following expectations. At the end of the week your child can cash in their tokens to buy certain prizes, such as a prize from the treasure box, lunch with the teacher, sitting at the teacher’s desk, and extra computer time. Not only will we be giving out these tokens but any staff member can pass them out to students making good choices. 
    Progress Reports Every three weeks second graders will bring home communication tool folders and progress reports/report cards.  Please take a moment to look through the binder with your child; he or she will be able to tell you all the things he/she is learning! There is a parent signature page on the outside back cover; please sign and return the folder to school.
    Recess:  Each class will have a 30 minute recess daily.  For the safety of all children, parents and any other visitors are not permitted on the playground during recess times.
     See Saw is the application we use for your child's digital portfolio. Information on how to sign up for your child's class will go home soon after school starts. This is a great way to see your child's learnin

    Snack Time: Snack time is at 9:00 am every day. Please send a healthy snack for your child. For your convenience, you may send bulk items which are expected to last all week. We can store these items in students' cubbies. If a child forgets his/her snack, each teacher keeps an emergency supply of raisins in his/her desk. 


    Specials: Part of learning is participating! We have a rotating scheduled of PE, Music, and Art.

    Children must wear tennis shoes on the days they are scheduled to have PE, so they can fully participate in learning. Please refer to our daily schedule to see our PE days.
    Study Hall--All students are expected to complete their schoolwork and homework in a timely manner. Incomplete schoolwork and unfinished homework are completed during recess in one of the second grade teacher's classrooms or under the shade structure outside, under the supervision of a second grade teacher or student intern assigned to second grade.  If the work is unfinished because the student did not understand, then he/she can get the help needed in a quiet, small group setting. 
     Toys please leave them at home! This includes Pokemon cards, fidget spinners, and playground equipment. We will not be held responsible for lost/broken items, so if the item makes an appearance in the classroom, it will be taken up and returned at the end of the day. 
     Tuesday Newsday Folders: This blue folder will come home every Tuesday with all school related information and your child’s class work.  It should be emptied and returned to school on Wednesday.  Do not return any communication in this folder.  All written communication and forms must be returned in the daily binder. 
     Volunteers We love our volunteers at Stephens Elementary! We cannot do our job without your help! To volunteer, please submit a background check form every school year.  All volunteers must complete a background check before he/she is eligible to volunteer at Denton ISD schools. Please click here for the application: Volunteer application

     School is cool! 

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