• ABC’s of Kindergarten


    A is for attendance -Attend each day and arrive on time by 7:50.  (Perfect attendance awards are given each 6 weeks).

    B is for birthdays, behaviors, & backpacks- Parents may bring a special birthday snack. Party invitations may not be handed out at school if all children are not invited (hurt feelings).  Please, no homemade treats, store bought only. To help your child carry messages and information to and from school, you are asked to provide a backpack. Students will be given a notebook
    for me to send notes and information to you and for you to send notes to me. Please have your child remove the notes and papers each day from their backpack and their notebook to share with you. Behavior sheet will be inside the notebook and it needs to be initialed and returned every day.


    C is for call, car tag, & concerns – Please Call the office (940)369-0800 before 10:00 if your child will be absent.  Help your child learn their car tag number, write it on backpack for convenience. If carpooling, you need all car tags of students riding with you. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have concerns or questions!

    D is for dismissal - If your child's means of dismissal changes, a note from an adult family member is required. Parents must sign children out for early dismissal.  Dress-Please put shorts under dresses.

    E is for expectations & email– Stephens Elementary and I have high academic & behavior expectations for your child's success. Please support our efforts in helping them be successful. Please feel free to communicate through email.

    F is for field trips & flip-flops - Details will come home. I appreciate parent volunteers on field trips so, no younger siblings on field trips. Flip-flops are against district dress code. Your child’s safety is of high importance!

    G is for guests- Please feel free to come and have lunch with your child and we will have special occasions where we would love to welcome some special guests.

    H is for homework – Your child’s homework requires adult assistance. Please monitor your child as they complete their homework. Most work at school will be hands on, paperwork is minimal.

    I is for independence - Help your child by practicing tying shoes, using the restroom unassisted, & returning signed paperwork, literacy books, etc.).

    J is for journal writing - The students draw, write, & share with the class daily during writer’s workshop.

    K is for kind words - Encourage your child to use kind words (yes, no, please, thank you, may I, excuse me, I’m sorry, etc.) throughout the day!

    L is for lunch – Student lunch is $2.50 & Adult lunch is $2.75, it lasts 30 minutes. Family members are welcome to come eat lunch!

    M is for math – We’re learning that math is all around us. We use EnVision math materials, problem solving through Investigations, & Everyday Math exploration activities.

    N is for notes & newsletters – If your child is out due to illness, please send a note the day the day that they return. It must be received within 48 hours of the absence.  A newsletter will come home every six weeks in their notebook.


    O is for open house- Look for date and details at a later time.

    P is for parent conferences & PTA -Conferences are required the first 6 weeks & then when necessary. Feel free to schedule a conference at any time! PTA!!!! Come to PTA meetings.

    Q is for quick good-byes- they leave dry eyes! I appreciate a brief good-bye at the door so that the school day can begin.

    R is for reading & Recess– Students should read at least 20 minutes per night with an adult for homework; they quickly become better readers. Due to district policy, parents are not allowed on playground during recess. This is for the safety of all children!

    S is for snack shoes & stations - We have a nutritious snack each day. Each child may bring a personal snack each day. Suggestions: fruit, raisins, pretzels, crackers, etc.  (Texas nutrition policy). Students may not wear flip-flops or slide-in shoes and they must wear athletic shoes on P.E. days! Students work in learning stations in both Language Arts & Math. Students work by doing!

    T is for TEKS, Toys, tying - The TEKS are the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills that teacher must use for instruction in the classroom. Toys are not allowed at school. Please work with your child on learning to tie their shoes.

    U is for units – Class thematic units are study units that are in alignment with the TEKS.

    V is for volunteer & voicemail - Get to know your school by volunteering (don’t forget your visitor’s pass). My classroom phone will not be on during the school day, but I do have voicemail and you may leave me a message. I check messages at my conference time and at the end of the day.

    W is for weather, writer’s workshop & WE – Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  We go outside if the weather is 40 degrees or above.  Watch the news for inclement weather days! Writer’s workshop is when students write using inventive spelling. Kids don’t know how to write all the words, but this is a way for them to put what they do know on paper. We are a team. Parents & teachers work together to help students succeed.

    X is for eXperiences - Hands on eXperiences are important for kindergarten learning. Students learn by DOING!!!!

    Y is for year - Let's have a great year!!!!

    Z is for ZZZZ's-Your child should get plenty of rest each night. Kindergarten students require 10-12 hours of sleep a day. It is so important for your child to be alert and ready to learn each day. Set a bedtime and be consistent.

Last Modified on August 13, 2010