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    Students Purchasing A Meal
    Students who are eating a school meal may bring money daily, weekly or monthly to place on their student account.   When sending lunch money, please place funds in a ziploc baggie or sealed envelope with their name on it.
    Parents may also take money directly to the cafeteria or pay online.  (click here for online payment)
    If your child's account is in the "red", (low or negative amount) a written notice will be sent home or an email alert will be sent to you if registered with parentonline. If your child's account reaches the negative status,  he or she will receive a cheese sandwich and milk. This is district policy.
    Special Provisions may be made for students who have be diagnosed with food allergies. Please inform me and our Cafeteria Manager of any food allergies.
    Students Who Bring Their Lunch

    Lunchboxes are easily lost, mistakenly taken, or left outside. Please make sure that your child's first and last name is legibly noticeable on their lunchbox. For health and safety purposes, please do not send candy and glass containers in lunches.

    Meal Prices for Students
     Breakfast:  $1.10
     Lunch:       $2.75


    You are invited to eat breakfast and lunch with your child! After breakfast, please wait in the designated area until the morning bell rings to be released to the classrooms.  
Last Modified on August 11, 2016