• Kindergarten
    School Supply Information

    In our Kindergarten classes we will be working to create a community of learners.  Sharing will be a big focus through everything we do.  At Meet the Teacher night we will ask that you and your child sort his/her school supplies into tubs; for example, crayons in one, pencils in another and so on.  Since we will be sharing all supplies among the students it is best that we have the “generic” solid color folders, pencils and other items.  We know that the special character items are very appealing to the children, but would be best to save for home use.  You could set up a little homework kit with the special “Spiderman” markers or “Hello Kitty” pencils.  This might help encourage your child to work on school work at home.   Thank you for your support as you purchase school supplies.  


    The Kindergarten Team
    Labeling Supplies
     Please do not worry about labeling your kindergartener’s supplies. 

    All supplies will be shared among the class.