Reading Strategies


    I understand what I read




    Parts of a book

    Check for understanding
    Make predictions
    Identify character emotions Connect to a story
    Back-up and reread
    Retell a story


    I can read the words




    Use the pictures

    Get your mouth ready

    Think about what make sense

    Cross Check (Does it look right, sound right and make sense?)

    Slow check to the end 

    Identify fiction and non-fiction

    Flip the sound

    Stretch and blend

    If I know ____then I know ______





    I can read accurately, with expression, and understand what I read


    Voracious reader

    Recognize sight words Read punctuation 

    Read like a storyteller

    Read "Just Right Books"

    Expand Vocabulary

    I know, find, and use interesting words



    Listen for interesting words

    Behaviors That Support Reading

    *Get started right away   *Stay in one spot   *Work quietly   *Read the whole time   *Increase stamina   *Select and read good-fit books

Last Modified on August 28, 2017