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    Class Rules/Expectations
                             1. Be confident.
                             2. Be patient.
                             3. Be honest.
                             4. Be responsible.
                             5. Be respectful.
       In addition to classroom rules, Savannah uses a classroom management approach referred to as C.H.A.M.P.S. Students will have clear expectations set for them in each classroom for each activity.
    Discipline Plan
       When students fail to meet a class expectation, they will receive a red warning tag. This is a visual reminder that they are receiving a warning and need to check their behavior. If the teacher turns over the tag, the student has chosen to ignore the warning and must fill out the information on the tag identifying what the misbehavior was. This will be kept in the teacher's file and noted on the calendar in the student's binder.
    Level 0 -   Warning tag (front side only) visual reminder
    Level 1 -   1 warning tag, 5 minutes off recess
    Level 2 -   2 warning tags, 10 minutes off recess
    Level 3 -   3 warning tags, 15 minutes off recess
    Level 4 -   4 check marks, office referral
    * Behavior such as fighting, defiance, destruction of property, profanity/vulgarity, bringing inappropriate items, and being out-of-control issues an automatic office referral.
       *Students who receive more than 2 warning tags in a six week period will be ineligible for Gatoriffic for the six weeks. This will decrease to more than 1 warning tag the second semester.
             Teachers will use a ticket system that rewards students that are "caught" being good. Tickets will be turned in for a weekly drawing.
Last Modified on August 17, 2016