Here are digital copies of the notes and assignments that are given out in class.  You should print a copy anytime you lose the one given in class.

Spring Semester
Short story unit:
         A Good man- criticism 1
          A Good man- criticism 2
Barn Burning (short story)
         Barn Burning- criticism
Hamlet Memory Passages- exam on April 6/7
 Fall Semester

TKR analysis Packet                         
Intro and Thesis examples (practice was not assigned)
Macbeth Analysis Prompt -- paper is due Oct 14-Oct 15
Poetry by skill----research is coming...
         Diction and Imagery
         Structure and Sound.
Write your own sonnet-- due Nov 7th for all classes
 P&P Quiz 1-- due Nov 1st for all classes
Research Documents:
Final Exam info:
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