Instructors:     Juana Medina                                Lisa Hurst

                                                             940-369-1141     D205                          940-369-1253    B109

Planning:         A4  &  B3                                             B3

Tutorials:         Tue & Wed (8:15-8:45)                        Upon Request


Course description:  Algebra 1 develops the structure of the real number system through the study of the different techniques used to solve and graph linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, and to simplify and factor algebraic expressions.  Students will learn to solve problems that exist in the real world by using algebra.  Development of critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate math are emphasized.


Expectations of student learning (TEKS):  are available online at


Textbook:  McDougal Littell Algebra 1.  Also available on the web at


Supplies needed every day:   Composition Book for notes/homework/reflections, Practice Workbook (you will get these at school), pencils/erasers, RED pen, Guyer High School agenda.  A calculator is recommended for home use.  Calculators will be available for student use during class, but may not be checked out or taken home. 


The next items will be assigned per classroom :

1st- (box of tissue)                  5th- (6 glue sticks/2 tape)

A2-  (germex/tissue)                B2-  (4 AAA batteries),

A3-  (roll of paper towels          B4-  (dry erase markers-different colors). 

        and graph paper/paper) 



Grading policy:  Homework/daily work:  20%

                            Quizzes:                       30%

                            Tests/projects:             50% (Progress report after 3 weeks of each six weeks)



Late homework policy:  Late work will only be accepted through the ZAP program.

ZAP: “Zeroes Aren’t Permitted” is the homework completion program Algebra 1 has adopted. Throughout the week, if a student does not bring their completed homework, they are then “zapped.” The ZAP report is submitted to the AP and the parents are contacted. On Tuesday of that week or the next, the student will report to my room immediately before school where they will complete their assignment for up to a 70 as a grade. The student is required to stay for the full session. ZAP is a priority over any other activities. Non-attendance to ZAP will be reported to the AP the next morning and consequences will be given.  *If a zapped student submits their COMPLETED homework to their teacher by Monday after school, ZAP will be excused.* Any homework assignments not completed in the zap sessions will be recorded as zeroes.


Classroom guidelines:  Proper classroom behavior is expected at all times.  Respect for personal and public property will be practiced.  School regulations as stated in the handbook are to be observed in this class.  You must be in your seat and ready to begin when the 5 minute passing period is up.  Unexcused tardies will result in a warning on the 1st; warning, parent contact, and teacher detention on the 2nd; referral to AP on the 3rd and following. No cell phones.


Responsibilities of the Instructor:

·    You can expect me to be on time and prepared for class.  In the case of a substitute, detailed plans will be arranged to give you the opportunity to continue learning without interruption.

·    You can expect me to be honest about any mistakes that I make and to correct them as soon as I am made aware of them.

·    You can expect fair and equal access to the material that I will present in this class.  I will not allow the irresponsibility and disrespect of some to ruin the educational privileges of the class.

·    You can expect your tests to be graded and returned in a reasonable amount of time.




Responsibilities of the Student:

·    You are expected to read and abide by this syllabus and the student handbook and will be held accountable for all information contained in them.

·    You are expected to come to class on time prepared with all materials needed and all assignments completed.

·    You are expected to take notes over the material in this class and to read assignments carefully.  In the case of absence, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain any handouts and assignments missed and to complete them in a timely manner.  (See homework and make-up policy)

·    You are expected to seek help in class by asking questions when you do not understand a topic.  If further understanding is needed, you are expected to seek help through tutoring.  If no attempt is made, I will have no sympathy and no choice but to give you the grade you deserve.



                                    Be Respectful, Be Prepared, Be Responsible!



Assignments: Work MUST BE SHOWN on homework assignments, no excuses.  If work is not shown, credit will not be given.  Be sure your work is your work and doesn't look like another student's work.



Retake policy:   

  • Once again, this is a Math Department policy.  Students will have the option to retake tests.  It is mandatory that the students go to a tutorial before retaking the test.  Retakes will be allowed within the week following return of the original test.  Times for the retakes will be determined by each individual teacher.  The final test grade will then be figured by averaging the highest grade twice and the lowest grade once.
  • If all homework assignments are not complete (with all work) by test day, test retakes will not be an option. 
  • All retakes must be done in one sitting...a student cannot begin a retake and come finish it at another time.
  • Quizzes may also be retaken for the highest grade of a 70.



Tutoring:  Each math teacher will hold tutorials at varied times during the week.  If a student’s math teacher is not available at a time needed, any other math teacher holding tutorials will be able to help. In addition, the Math Center will be available in the mornings and afterschool every day for help.




Course Outline:          (1st semester)

1st 6 weeks:      Chapter 1:  Expressions, Equations, and Functions

Chapter 2:  Properties of Real Numbers

Chapter 6:  Solving Inequalities

Chapter 3:  Solving Linear Equations

            2nd 6 weeks:     Chapter 4:  Graphing Linear Equations and Functions

                                                      1.6, 1.7, 5.6

            3rd 6 weeks:     Chapter 5:  Writing Linear Equations & 6.7















I believe each of you can excel in Algebra I this year.  The formula is simple: be attentive, do not procrastinate, maximize the time allotted in class to begin your assignments and complete your homework.  Remember math is progressive and if you don’t comprehend the current concept you will not understand the next one.  It is important that you ask questions when you do not understand the material and get additional assistance when needed. 


Please complete the form below and return it to Mrs. Medina by the next class period.




I, ___________________________________have read and understood the requirements for Algebra I.

                    (please print name)



Student’s signature: _____________________________ Parent’s signature: ____________________________



Phone number: _____________________ Parent’s  e-mail address: ____________________________________




Best method of contact is:  PHONE  /  E-MAIL




Your support as a parent is greatly appreciated throughout the school year.  If you have any questions or concerns during the school year please feel free to contact me at or 940-369-1141.  The best way to communicate with me is via e-mail. 







Juana Medina


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