Instructor: Juana Medina

School #: 940-369-1141


Conference periods: A2 & B4

Tutorials: T/W 8:15-8:45 or after school by appt


Course description:  Algebra 1 develops the structure of the real number system through the study of the different techniques used to solve and graph linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, and to simplify and factor algebraic expressions.  Students will learn to solve problems that exist in the real world by using algebra.  Development of critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate math are emphasized.

Textbook:  McDougal Littell Algebra 1.  Also available on the web at

Supplies needed every day:

Composition Book for notes/homework/reflections, Practice Workbook (you will get these at school), pencils/erasers, RED pen, Guyer High School agenda.  A calculator is recommended for home use.  Calculators will be available for student use during class, but may not be checked out or taken home. 


The next items will be assigned per classroom :

1st- (box of tissue/pencils)                  

A3-  (germex/box of tissue)

A4-  (roll of paper towels and colored/reg computer paper) 

      B2-  (6 glue sticks or 2 tape/4 AAA batteries)

     B3-  (Lysol wipes/box of tissue)

     5th- (dry erase markers-different colors)




Major Assessments (Tests/ Projects)


(3 each nine week period)

Minor Assessments (Quizzes/ In Class Work)


(there will be one every lesson)



***Students will receive a Progress Report every 3 weeks. Parents, please ask for it and check grades online.





Responsibilities of the Instructor:

·    You can expect me to be on time and prepared for class.  In the case of a substitute, detailed plans will be arranged to give you the opportunity to continue learning without interruption.

·    You can expect me to be honest about any mistakes that I make and to correct them as soon as I am made aware of them.

·    You can expect fair and equal access to the material that I will present in this class.  I will not allow any disrespect in the class.

·    You can expect your tests to be graded and returned in a reasonable amount of time.




Responsibilities of the Student:

·    You are expected to read and abide by this syllabus and the student handbook and will be held accountable for all information contained in them.

·    You are expected to come to class on time prepared with all materials needed and all assignments completed.

·    You are expected to take notes over the material in this class and to read assignments carefully.  In the case of absence, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain any handouts and assignments missed and to complete them in a timely manner.  (See homework and make-up policy)

·    You are expected to seek help in class by asking questions when you do not understand a topic.  If further understanding is needed, you are expected to seek help through tutoring.  If no attempt is made, I will have no sympathy and no choice but to give you the grade you deserve.



                             Be Respectful, Be Prepared, Be Responsible!


Class Expectations: In order to maintain an environment for SUCCESS, we will follow the following classroom procedures:

1. Be quiet when the teacher is talking and raise your hand if you need something.

2. Be quiet during independent practice, quizzes, and tests.

3. Be seated during the entire class until the bell rings unless told otherwise.

4. Be respectful of everyone in the class and follow instructions.


1. Warning                    

2. Phone call to parent / Teacher assigned detention

**Teacher-assigned Detentions given by me will be held in the morning during my tutorials on a day chosen by me.

3. Disciplinary Referral

**     All-School Detentions given by administrators will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:15-5:15.



If you are late to class, you will enter quietly and take your seat. If you have a note, hand it to me first. Unexcused tardies will be recorded every time. I will not excuse you if you do not have a note from the office or another teacher so don’t try to convince me.


1. Warning                    
Teacher assigned detention

**Teacher-assigned Detentions given by me will be held in the morning during my tutorials on a day chosen by me.

3. Disciplinary Referral

**     All-School Detentions given by administrators will be held on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:15-5:15.


Tutorials  - (Math Center…Algebra 1 teachers)

·         Students are required to bring their notes over the topic they need help on to tutorials. You will not be allowed entry without notes and attempted assignment. If you are retaking or making up quizzes or tests you should have notes plus any or all homework relating to the assessment including test reviews.

·         Each math teacher will hold tutorials at varied times during the week.  If a student’s math teacher is not available at a time needed, any other math teacher holding tutorials will be able to help. In addition, the Math Center will be available in the mornings and afterschool every day for help.


Warm ups

Each night with your homework assignment you will also be responsible for reading the lesson ahead. This is not to teach you the information, but so that terms and concepts that I teach in class will sound less foreign and my lesson will be your second exposure to the information rather than the first.



1. Homework is for YOUR practice of the new material.

2. You will be quizzed daily over most assignments so I can assess your understanding of the material. Quizzes are usually timed. You may use your notes and assignment to help you, but remember you must finish in the allotted time. If you don't know how to do it, you won't finish and will need to retake it.

3. If you fail to prepare for the quizzes by not doing your homework then you are responsible for the grade you receive. IN ORDER TO RETAKE A QUIZ OR TEST ALL HOMEWORK MUST BE COMPLETED. I will not allow any retakes whatsoever without completed homework.


Absent Policy

· Students are responsible for getting notes from the class or classes they missed from another student or the teacher and schedule a time with the teacher to take any missed quizzes or test. All classroom assignments, activities, quizzes, and tests are posted on my website and I update it frequently. There's no excuse for not knowing what was missed.

· When a student is absent the class before a test (a review day), the student has a week from the day he comes back to class to make up the test he missed. If a student misses the day of the test, but was in class for the review he/she will be expected to take the test upon returning. Make-ups and retakes are done during tutorials only. Few exceptions are made for using class time for retakes and makeups. A missing grade (Msg) counts as zero, and it will be updated once the student makes up or retakes the test.

Quiz Policies

· All students may retake quizzes one time for full credit if they are unsatisfied with their grade.

· C ***Corrections and all homework must be completed and turned in to me at the time of the retake or you will not be allowed to retake. Corrections need to be completed during my tutorials or in the Math Center and include the signature of the teacher that helped the student.


· ll All retakes will be done during tutorials and in one sitting as designated and scheduled by me.

· The highest grade will be accepted and replace the lower grade in the grade book.


Test Policies

· It is a Math Department policy that students will have the option to retake tests once. It is required that the student correct the test with me, complete all homework assignments, and complete the test review before retaking the test. Retakes will be allowed within the week following return of the original test. Times for the retakes will be determined by me. The higher test grade will replace the lower in the grade book.




Math Center

The GHS Math Center has been set up to help any student with mathematics. That could simply be homework help or even additional instruction on a difficult to master concept. Students could also use the Math Center to get caught up when they have missed a particular lesson. The Math Center will be open from 8:00 to 8:45 am and from 4:15 to 5:00 pm in the Library. A couple of Math teachers will rotate between morning and afternoon shifts, and will develop a fairly convoluted system—probably web-based—to inform you when they will be there.


I, as your teacher expect every student to succeed. It is my job to make sure I meet the needs of every student. In order to do so, I count on open communication between myself, your parents, and you the student to know when you are struggling.


Last Modified on January 5, 2015