Boys Basketball Schedule


      Date                                                Opponent                                 Location

December 3, 2015                         Crownover at Strickland               Strickland MS

December 10, 2015                       Bye                                                Bye

Mon. December 14, 2015           Strickland at Little Elm                   Little Elm MS

January 7, 2016                              Strickland at Harpool                   Harpool MS

January 14, 2016                            Strickland at Myers                      Myers MS

January 21, 2016                            Calhoun at Strickland                   Strickland MS          

January 28, 2016                            Strickland at Navo                       Navo MS      

February 4, 2016                         McMath at Strickland                     Strickland MS

February 11, 2016                          TBD A-Team Only                       TBD

February 13, 2016                          TBD A-Team Only                       TBD             


Adult Admission: $4.00  Student Admission: $2.00

C Team starts at 5:30pm.  B Team will start directly after the C Team.  A Team will start directly after the B Team.