• School counseling programs:
    • serve all students

    • includes large and small group counseling

    • incorporates individual counseling on a short term basis

    • works with all stakeholders: parents, teachers, and community

    What does a school counselor do?
    A school counselor is an educator who:
    • Advocates for the student at school.

    • Provides Individual and Small Group Counseling on a short term basis

    • Works with teachers and parents to provide helpful suggestions and support for children’s needs.

    • Provides Classroom Guidance for every class.

    • Helps in identifying academic and social/emotional needs of children.

    • Helps children understand themselves and others.

    • Provides information about community resources that would benefit children.

    • Makes referrals to outsides agencies.

    • Provides parents with resources and information.

    The following are possible ways that a student may come visit the school counselor:
    * Student Request-
    The student may ask to come to my office by either dropping a note in the mailbox outside of my office or by asking their teacher if they may come.
    * Teacher Request-
    The student's teacher may request for the student to visit the counselor.
    * Parent Request-
    The student's parent(s) may request for the student to visit the counselor on a short term basis.
    * Counselor Request-
    The counselor may request for the student to visit the counselor.
    * Friend Request-
    A student may request to bring a friend with them to visit the counselor.
    As the school counselor at Savannah Elementary, it is my job to assist all students on an as-need basis and to work with them to have successful days here at school. I will usually see students by request once or twice; however, if there is a need to see a student more frequently or if they may be a participant of an on going group (6 weeks), I will first request a signed parent permission letter.


    Please fill out the Parent Permission Form for individual and group counseling and return to Mrs. Liesveld.
Last Modified on August 9, 2017