• We are CHAMPS at W.S. Ryan!

    CHAMPS is a research-based classroom management program that W.S. Ryan has implemented school-wide, along with many Elementary schools in Denton ISD. It is a positive and proactive approach to classroom management, and creates well-organized routines for students.

    Each letter in
    CHAMPS gives students clear expectations for any activity they are about to begin, whether it is in the classrooms, hallways, gym, or cafeteria. When teachers are about to start a new activity or move to a new area, they "CHAMP it out":

    C = Conversation - This gives the voice level students are expected to be at for that activity:  
    -Level 0 = no talking

    -Level 1 = whisper

    -Level 2 = talking softly with a partner or small group

    -Level 3 = presentation voice (speaking to the class)

    -Level 4 = outside recess voice

    H = Help - This means how the students should ask for help or get their teacher's attention, such as raising their hand or giving another signal the teacher has taught them.
    A = Activity - The class reviews what activities they will be doing during the lesson or assembly; the task, objective, and end product.
    M = Movement - The students know whether they are supposed to be moving around the room - if moving through stations or working at tables or desks in their seat.
    P = Participation - This means what the students should be doing that shows the teacher they are fully engaged in the activity.
    S = Success! - When they follow the above expectations, they will have success, which is always our goal!
    W.S. Ryan began our CHAMPS journey during the 2015-2016 school year. This is a great way to have consistency in our behavior management throughout each grade level and in special areas, as well as common areas throughout the school.  The students hear the same language and expectations throughout their day, and now each year. Our students will do a fabulous job being CHAMPS!
    The teachers are also continuing a "Teaching with Love & Logic" book study for the 2017-18 school year. Love & Logic works hand-in-hand with CHAMPS, and enhances classroom management by encouraging students to show good character, responsibility, and self control, while fostering mutual respect between students and teachers. We also provided several "Parenting with Love & Logic" books to parents at registration, and will provide more throughout the year at various functions. 
Last Modified on August 13, 2017