A: In the ZoneTechnical

    ·         Present a team-created story about the dangers faced by vehicles, told from the point of view of one or more vehicles.

    ·         Design and build small vehicles that are able to reliably and accurately travel specific distances.

    ·         Use at least three different power sources for the vehicles.


    B: Wind Visible - Science

    ·         Explore how the science of wind energy can be used to make kinetic art move.

    ·         Design and create kinetic art that moves during the presentation.

    ·         Create and present an original story that features an invisible visitor.

    ·         Integrate wind energy research into the story.


    C: In DisguiseFine Arts

    ·         Present a team-created story about a character that uses a disguise.

    ·         Use only non-verbal theatrical techniques to present the story.

    ·         Design and construct at least two masks that enhance the story.


    D: Change in RealiteeImprovisational

    ·         Create a 5-minute improvisational skit about life after a dramatic change and how the characters adapt to this change.

    ·         Learn about different communication techniques and integrate one into the skit.

    ·         Use only white t-shirts, washable markers and team members to create all costumes, sets and props.

    ·         Create a slogan from three randomly selected nouns.


    E: Twist-O-RamaStructural

    ·         Build a structure made entirely of glue and materials the team chooses from a list.

    ·         Test the structure by placing weights on it, and by subjecting it to torque-inducing impacts.

    ·         Produce a “bill of materials” listing the materials used in your structure, and provide samples of these materials.

    ·         Produce a prop or costume made of all the materials used in the structure.

    ·         Tell a story about something or someone that causes an unexpected twist or surprising change.


    pO: Real to ReelService Learning

    ·         Use collaborative problem solving tools to identify and select at least one real community need.

    ·         Design and carry out a project to address the real community need

    ·         Create a movie that documents the project

    ·         Evaluate the project and prepare a thorough project review.

    ·         Prepare for a live press conference.


    RS: Roy G BivEarly Learning

    ·         Learn about the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

    ·         Create a play about Roy G. Biv’s birthday party.

    ·         Dress Roy G. Biv in all the colors of the rainbow, and dress the guests in their favorite colors.

    ·         Have each guest bring a gift that is made mostly of the color they are wearing.