In science, it is important for your child to be here at school as much as they can. I understand things happen but a lot of the things we cover are with experiments, models, and demonstrations. It becomes very difficult for a child to catch up if they miss those activities because we might have already moved on. They will have to catch up by reading about it/explanations as opposed to the hands on approach.  
    Usually I hand out homework or assign it several times per week. I always give them the last few minutes of class to work on it and see if they have any questions. Sometimes it is just a thinking/problem question or creating illustrations. It typically doesn't take long at all to accomplish. If they finish it before they leave my class, then technically they do not have homework but I always tell them I will pick it up the next day. That way as a parent, if you would like to see their work you can. 
    I give common assessments pretty much every Friday. So we experiment at the beginning of the week with models, demonstrations, reading about it, thinking about, and then review for the test. I usually grade them on Fridays and return them on Mondays to go over it with them. If your child is NOT bringing home these assessments, they are "misplacing" them somewhere so be on the lookout. These common assessments will also help to give you a glimpse of where your child lines up with the traditional A, B, C, D, F grading scale. The passing rate for the STAAR test this year is a 64% and will increase slightly each year.
Last Modified on August 9, 2017