• Counseling Responsibilities:

    Counselors in the school setting are charged with the responsibilities of helping students achieve their greatest potentials in areas of social, emotional, and academic development. Vocational guidance has played a significant role in the history of the profession; therefore, one will see counselors working with students to prepare and plan for students’ future careers. Interpreting assessments and guiding students to sign up for rigorous courses explains the scheduling aspects of a counselor’s responsibilities. Finally, acknowledging and working with the mental health needs of people is also a function of a professional counselor in the school setting. Although a school counselor is not able to provide the extent of treatment that a private counselor could, the school counselor is knowledgeable and able to help students and families who may need referrals to counseling outside of the school setting. Counselors working in harmony with teachers, administrators, students, parents, and the community to provide a stimulating environment which allows our students to attain their highest potentials.

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    Student Assistance Counseling Responsibilities:

    The SAC Program was developed to support & enhance students' success in the school environment through a range of school-based prevention & intervention services to assist students in grades 6 through 8.  The SAC is uniquely positioned to provide both individual and school-wide services that directly impact student academic, behavioral & social success within the school setting.  Our student support services primarily target the following areas: Positive Relationships, Anger Management, Substance Issues, and Bullying/Cyberbullying. The SAC will also work closely with parents in areas that deal with and affect their children like grief/loss, suicide, substance abuse, and mental health issues.
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