• Academics


    Your child has now grown into a brilliant person who is much more capable than they were in Kindergarten and First grade!  They are ready for independence, responsibility, and the benefits of being part of a community of learners. Second grade is naturally more difficult than previous years, and we are here to support your child every step of the way.  :)


    Here's what you need to know:



    2nd graders at Paloma Creek show respect and kindness to themselves and others.  They are responsible for their school work and home work.  They arrive on-time and prepared every day.  They take responsibility for setting their learning goals and working towards them with the support of teachers and friends.  They are engaged in thinking and learning throughout the school day - and at the end of the day they are tired!  :)



    Math curriculum has become increasingly rigorous in the state of Texas.  Students are expected to really think about their math and the reasonableness of their procedures and answers.  2nd grade is the year we learn to "think about our own thinking" and "justify our answers".  Yes, this will be a most challenging year, but it will also give your child a sense of empowerment and accomplishment that will enable them to sail through third grade!  :)



    Your child can read now!!  :)  They have become smart readers and we are going to go deeper in 2nd grade.  Your child will learn comprehension and decoding strategies to help them understand harder and harder texts.  As they make sense of their reading, their vocabulary will grow and they will become fluent in academic language.  We will spend time reading everyday, working with books to answer our questions, and relating what we read to our own lives, experiences, and the world!



    Our writing program in second grade builds upon knowledge gained in Kindergarten and First grade.  We learn how to compose paragraphs, revise and edit our work, and give our writing "voice", so that it sounds like us.  We learn different types of writing, and we will learn how to research and write about our findings.  Your child will have opportunities to write alone and with others, so that writing is an enjoyable activity that they don't want to end!  :)


    Science and Social Studies

    In 2nd grade, we teach Science and Social Studies in tandem - that is, we spend a week or two on one, and then flip to the other for a week or two.  Our major areas of study in 2nd grade are:

    1. Weather and the water cycle
    2. Properties of Matter and Changes
    3. Earth Science (rocks, plants, animals, insects, etc)
    4. Force and Motion
    5. Light, heat, and sound energy
    6. Geography and Landforms
    7. Government Leaders and Important places
    8. Citizenship as displayed by Historical Figures
    9. Conservation and our Environment
    10. Economics, including producers and consumers
    11. Health and Social Topics
    12. Good Character Traits

    Students in 2nd grade are engage in a variety of technology on a daily basis.  At Paloma Creek we are preparing students for a high tech, global world where they can thrive and excel among their peers.