• General Information
    • Absences:  Please send a note the day your child returns to school after being absent.  In the note include the date/s your child was out, the reason for the absence, and your signature.  You must send in a note even if you have called or emailed.

    • Change of Transportation:  Remember to send a note in your child's folder if there is a change in dismissal.  If it changes after the school day begins, please call the office at (940) 369-4100.  They will relay the message to me.  Thanks for your help!

    • Please remind your children to leave all toys, trading cards, spinners, etc. at home.  These are a distraction at school. 

    • If there is a special occasion where your child can bring something from home, I will let you know via e-mail. (ex: pillow, stuffed animal, board games, electronics, etc...)
Last Modified on August 13, 2017