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    Cheryl Culberson MA, LCDC, LPC
                Student Assistance
    Achiever* Developer*Connectedness*Consistency*Futuristic
    Rivera Elementary School
    701 Newton Street
     Denton TX 76205
            Office #  940/369-3813


    My name is Cheryl Culberson. I am excited to share information with you about Rivera's Counseling and Guidance Program. As the Student Assistance /At- Risk Counselor my role is to work with students, teachers, parents, and the community to assist students in reaching their fullest potential and continued positive growth. When empowering a student you are enabling them to develop healthy decision making, which supports positive life outcomes/successes.

     Some of the services I offer include:

    • Responsive Services: Crisis Intervention
    Coping Skills and Building Resilience

    Developing positive coping skills and building resilience will empower and enable the student to navigate safely through daily problems and stressors. We focus on healthy coping strategies and resiliency.

     •  Small Group Counseling: Salvaging Sisterhood, Boys to Men, and a Power up (Coping skills)
    Salvaging Sisterhood:

    Salvaging Sisterhood (Taylor, 2005) is a curriculum designed to teach girls how to effectively communication with one another, rather than about one another. 

    The purpose of the Salvaging Sisterhood group is to: raise awareness about relational aggression, develop empathy, teach healthy conflict skills, explore feelings and promote a positive change in female relationships.

    Power up group:

    Power up group "What to do when you Worry to Much( Dawn Huebner, Ph.D.)" is a curriculum that focus on kinds overcoming anxiety. The purpose of this group is to identify irrational self talk so one is able to develop cognitive redirection skills. When learning cognitive redirection skills the student is able to self regulate emotions.

     • Individual Counseling: Responsive Services
    I provide brief counseling intervention to students, parents, and teachers that enables stabilization to life crisises. My primary focus is the wellness of the student and the family which is a spill over to other life components such their education, positive self esteem and attitude. Meeting with students individually is a vital and necessary in positive thinking changes. During our individual counseling we discuss their concerns which may hinder their successful growth developmentally and/or educationally.

     • Parent and Teacher Consultations

     • Behavioral modification interventions


     Our counseling program addresses many needs including:

     • Building healthy relationships and communication skills

       “inside and outside the classroom”

     • Building self-esteem

     • Developing problem-solving skills

     • Coping skills, anxiety, ADHD, and Crisis Intervention/Prevention through life changes

     • Assisting with social service needs and/or referrals for play therapy

     • And much more!!!

      Requesting Services

     Students, teachers, and parents can refer students to counseling by...

     • Walk-in appointments

     • Calling the counselor at (940) 369-3813

     • Leaving a self-referral in the mailbox outside of my office.

     * Email CCulberson@dentonisd.org


    The guidance program is developed to promote positive character traits in each of our students. Topics will include many subjects including bullying, violence, abuse, suicide and drug prevention. Throughout the guidance lessons there is a focus on self-confidence development, decision-making, interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, cross-cultural effectiveness and responsible behavior. These are skills that our students will take into their next educational level and achievements. Please reinforce these concepts at home as we work together to provide an incredible educational experience and a responsible citizen.

    Rivera Elementary  

    701 Newton Street

    Denton, TX 76205 | P: 940-369-3813 | F: 940- 369-4927

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