• Click the following link for the website: NAVIANCE - Family Connection

    This is NAVIANCE for 6th - 8th graders, a one-stop shop for high school, college, and career planning that is aimed at getting middle and high school students planning and preparing for life after high school.


    Students will take career assessments and inventories to identify strengths and weaknesses so they can determine what college or career best fits them. Students and their parents will be able to research colleges, the admission requirements and how a student matches academically with a school. A student will also be able to research careers and clusters including assessments, occupational information, salary and growth potential. One of the features of the program will allow students to create goals, resumes and college essays. As Seniors, students can apply directly to universities of their choice.

    Our plan at Strickland is:
    6th Grade - Strengths Explorer, Career Cluster Survey, exploration of the Family Connection site.
    7th Grade - Career Key and more exploration of careers and career clusters.
    8th Grade - 4 yr high school plans including choosing the students' endorsement and 9th grade course registration.



    Naviance-Family Connection Login:

    User name – student ID

    Password – MonthDayYear (MMDDYYYY)

    For example if your birthday is: November 26, 1995, your password is: 11261995

    or if your birthday is: March 3, 1995, your password is: 03031995

Last Modified on September 14, 2017