Students are allowed to bring a healthy, non-messy snack to eat during class time. Since the instruction time will be ongoing, the snack should not be a distraction to the student. Try to send snacks that are easy for them to handle and don't require a lot of prep time or utensils.  Students are allowed to keep a water bottle at their desk.  If it becomes a distraction to them, I will ask them to place it in their cubby. Please make sure you are sending a healthy snack with your child for snack time, so that your child has the appropriate energy for their academic success.  Some suggestions are:

    • Fruit / vegetables
    • pretzels
    • animal crackers
    • graham crackers
    • goldfish
    • rice cakes
    • granola bars
    • string cheese
    • trail mix
    • fruit bars

     Also, I have had a parent send in extra snacks for students who either forget their snack, or do not bring one. Please make sure the extra snacks are non perishable.  If you would like to contribute, extra snacks are always appreciated! 

Last Modified on August 19, 2014