• From the Counselor

    We would like to introduce you to one of Evers Park Elementary’s furriest staff members, Lola the Therapy Dog. Lola is a 4 year old Labrador retriever. She has been in extensive training over the past two years. Lola’s owner is Hailey Caraway, the guidance counselor. We are very excited to have Lola here to work with our students and staff in Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities.

    Animal Assisted Therapy/Activities is not only designed to promote improvement in human physical, social, behavioral, and cognitive functioning, but has been shown to do the following:


    ● build trust and provide a sense of security.

    ● offer unconditional acceptance.

    ● act as symbols and metaphors in the children’s life.

    ● help in the areas of focus and attention.

    ● act as agents of de-arousal as they help children learn soothing and calming skills.

    ● can be a source of social and emotional support.

    ● act as objects of attachment.

    ● can be instruments of learning.

    ● offer humor and fun in the session as they help facilitate play.

    ● encourage students to improve reading skills by listening.

    ● promote the character traits that include; caring, cooperation, compassion, empathy, gratitude, humanity, nurturance, patience, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-control, self-esteem, service, and more.


    Although AAT/AAA comes with many benefits, it also comes with inherit risks. When working with therapy animals we cannot be 100 % sure that her behavior will always be predictable. Lola has been medically screened and behaviorally tested. She has also passed the nationally recognized Delta Society’s Pet Partner’s test. Hailey Caraway, the handler, has also successfully completed the Pet Partners Handler course for Pet Partners Therapy Program. If your child has a medical reason for not being in contact with Lola, please call Hailey Caraway at 940-369-2605 as soon as possible.


    Lola the Therapy Dog Lola the Therapy Dog
Last Modified on August 17, 2015