I grew up in Tucson, Arizona but spent part of my summer each year with my grandparents.  Some of my fondest memories as a second grader were the time I spent in Pennsylvania and I can't wait to share some of my stories with them this year.   
    My husband and I moved to Texas in 1996. We have three amazing children, Kyle (21), Tyler (19) and Emily (17). Both of my boys are currently going to college in Denton. We are adjusting to having five cars in our driveway. Time to move to the country! Ha Ha! We also have a dog named Charlie that we rescued and a cat named lucky.   
    This is my fifth year teaching 2nd grade and I absolutely LOVE it! It's such a joy watching them grow academically and taking ownership of their learning as well as seeing them mature throughout the year.    
    I consider myself to be a life long learner. Last year, I had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best teachers at Columbia's writing institute in New York.  I am so excited to be able to teach your children all I have learned.  
    I'm looking forward to getting to know your families this year!  See you soon!
    Mrs. Davis 
    My Favorites:
    Drink:  Starbucks (Iced caramel macchiato) Sonic:  Diet green tea with mango  
    Restaurant:  Pie five, Blue Goose, Chipotle, and Rockfish  
    Candy:  Hot tamales, Bit of Honey, Reeses pieces 
    Chocolate:  Dark chocolate (with caramel too)
    Snacks:  White cheddar popcorn and glazed pecans 
    Hobbies:  DIY projects, scrapbooking and reading  
    Occasional Indulgence:  manicure, pedicure or massage 
    Shopping:  Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble and Target  
    Plants:  I love any kind of plants.  
    I love handwritten notes or homemade gifts from my students the best!    
Last Modified on July 2, 2018