• I am excited to teach at Stephens Elementary this year! I have previously taught for 14 years in North Carolina---3 teaching 5th grade in Winston Salem, 4 teaching 5th grade in Wake County, and 7 teaching 6th grade math and science in Raleigh. This will be my fourth year at Stephens, last year I taught math to all of third grade, and the previous two years I taught 4th grade math.  I can't ever see myself being anything other than a teacher and knew in kindergarten that this was the profession for me! Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. My email address is afetterman@dentonisd.org.  I am looking forward to an exciting year!
    About Ms. Fetterman----Two years ago, I purchased my first home, although I am not by any means handy! I do enjoy decorating and painting. Also, I gave up carbs and sugar two years ago!  I call it the "hunting and gathering" diet, and it is very similar to Paleo/Atkins.  My children are four-legged and furry.  Two were rescues from Southern Siberian Rescue in North Carolina.  Athena is eight and Jovi is almost nine.  My personal life revolves around my fur babies and I could tell you a story every day about something crazy they have done the day before.   I am also in the process of fostering a Siberian Husky for Texas Husky Rescue.   I am a "Philly girl" born and raised in the Philadelphia, PA area.  My family all lives in the city and surrounding areas.  I do wish I was able to visit more often than I do.  The joke in my family is that growing up, I was the son my father always wanted (his words!).  We would sit together and watch football, baseball, hockey, and basketball together, always cheering for our Philly teams, win or lose.  I attended Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, home of the husky!  Coincidence?  Possibly!