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    Students will be allowed to keep a water bottle in class (not the clear plastic kind with a lid, no screw tops please!)
     Here is a picture of an acceptable water bottle:
    Only water will be allowed in the bottles.
    Students are allowed to bring a healthy, non-messy snack to eat during class time. Since the instruction time will be ongoing, the snack should not be a distraction to the student. Try to send snacks that are easy for them to handle and don't require a lot of prep time or utensils. Some suggestions are:
    Fruit / vegetables
    animal crackers
    graham crackers
    rice cakes
    granola bars
    string cheese
    trail mix
    fruit bars


    You are welcome to have lunch with your child. Our lunch time is 10:55-11:25. Be sure to check in through the front office. Lunch guests typically wait on the bench outside the cafeteria. You can join your child as they walk by to the cafeteria. You are guaranteed not to miss seeing them from this spot! The school has designated tables on the stage for students and their guests. Please do not invite his/her friends to join you to avoid any hurt feelings.
Last Modified on August 11, 2016