• Special Celebrations


    We love to celebrate in 1st grade!! We celebrate birthdays, holidays, students of the week, and even lost teeth! In the past, parents sent cupcakes or treats for all students. This can be a problem for kids with allergies and the kids can get wild. With many birthdays throughout the year, that will be a lot of cupcakes and treats!


    In our classroom, instead of sending birthday treats for everyone, we have a tradition called “Birthday in a Bag”. We will send home a birthday bag with each child at the beginning of their birthday month. Please fill the bag with special treats and trinkets (cupcake, candy, markers, fun erasers, etc.) for your child only. You can send the bag with you child on his/her birthday (or a day close to it). The lucky birthday kid will get to open the bag during snack time when we sing “Happy Birthday”. We will celebrate summer birthdays near the end of the year.


    This is optional. However, cupcakes/treats will not be allowed to be distributed to all students in First Grade. We promise to make your child feel special on his/her day.


    Additionally, if birthday invitations are being sent to school, ALL students must receive an invitation. Otherwise, you will need to make your own arrangements. The best way to handle invitations is to send in invitations without student names and the teacher will put them in folders. This applies to summer birthdays as well. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Last Modified on August 11, 2016