• Advisory

    Advisory is a time for students to complete assignments, attend tutorials, make up work, and receive support from their academic advisor.


    Advisory Schedule:

    Mondays – Guidance Lessons provided by counselors and DEAR

    Counselors will develop lessons based on required presentations and needs of students. Any remaining time will be spent reading independently for DEAR (drop everything and read) time.


    Tuesdays – Thursday – Academic Work

    Students should come to Advisory with all supplies and be ready to work. If a student does not have homework or missing work to complete, he/she should have something to read.

    *Agenda checks will happen on Tuesdays during advisory time. Please complete your agenda on Monday – this way you will earn a ticket on Tuesday!*


    Fridays – Fun Friday or Team Time

    If students are missing work they will stay on team to complete these activities. The students who are NOT missing work will be allowed to have Fun Friday 


Last Modified on August 22, 2014