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    Welcome to Boys’ Athletics at Myers Middle School.  We as a coaching staff are excited about your son being part of athletics this year.  Your son will have the opportunity to learn discipline, teamwork, decision making skills, as well as skills needed for sports.  We as coaches will push you son to be the best that he can be.

    Athletes will be required to purchase workout clothes for $32.00.  These clothes will be the athletes to keep, and they will be able to use them next year in the 8th grade.   Also, your son may not participate in any athletic practice or game until he has taken and passed a physical examination from a doctor.  We have to have the paperwork on file for him to participate.

    I will try to update the website regularly during the school year and this will be where I put most of the information regarding athletics.  Please sign up for E-Alerts with our site and I can send you emails when I update the website.

    Attached you will find a list of expectations for our athletes and parents.  Please read and review these expectations with you son and sign the corresponding pages and return them.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone of our coaches.  We will be happy to sit down and talk with you.  Thank you for your support and cooperation in helping the Myers Titans become the best middle school in Denton.

    Marlon Alexander

    Boys Coordinator








     Player Expectations


     Practices are mandatory.  Students are expected to be on time and dressed out.  Should an emergency arise where your son will not be at practice, please let the head coach know BEFORE practice by email or a phone call.  Please try and schedule doctor’s appointments around games and practices.  If any athlete is sick, but well enough to come to school, then he is expected to dress out and participate in practice as much as possible.  Missed practice time may result in a reduction of playing time. 

    7th grade practice for football and basketball will begin at 7 a.m.  The locker room will be open at 6:45 a.m.

    8th grade practice for football and basketball will end at 5:15 p.m.

    Practice will begin and end on time. All football practices are open for you to watch. According to district policy though, we ask that you please stay outside the fence.  Basketball practices will not be open.

     Please make the necessary arrangements to have your son at practice on time and picked up on time.  They are to be picked up no later than 5:30 each day.  Failure to do so will, follow our ride pick- up policy. 


    All student/athletes must attend scheduled practices.  If you need to miss a practice, parents should notify the coaching staff in advance by calling (940) 369-1561, via e-mail or by sending a signed note with an explanation.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  Please find below a few rules pertaining to practices and games. 

    Missed practice without notification to coach:

    1st offense:  extra conditioning

    2nd offense:  one game suspension 

    Any Missed game without advanced notification to coach results in dismissal.  (Exceptions – illness, family illness, funeral, etc.) 

    Tardiness and Inappropriate workout clothes

    1st offense:  extra conditioning

    2nd offense:  extra conditioning and parent contact

    3rd offense:  one-game suspension/change teams

    We ask that all student/athletes make prior arrangements for rides from practice and/or home games.  Following are policies for rides. 

    Ride Pick-up Policies:

    Late pick-up more than ten (10) minutes:

    1st offense:  warning

    2nd offense:  parent contact

    3rd offense:  one game suspension

    4th offense:  dismissal 


    If your son has an injury, we would like you to contact a coach here at Myers.  We have a designated trainer to work with our injured athletes.  They will come to the school to check on and work with our athletes during their recovery. They are trained in diagnosing sports injuries and might be able to save you a trip to the doctor’s office.  They also might be able to help you find the appropriate doctor if necessary.

    Parent notes are good for only 2 days.  After this we need a doctor’s note, otherwise the student will be expected to participate in practice.  Students will only be allowed 3 parents’ notes a semester.  After the three notes, students will only be able to miss workouts with a doctor’s note.  If we have a doctor’s note saying your son cannot participate in athletics and it does not include a specific return date, we will need another note saying he is clear and can return to practice.

    Locker room

    Your son will be assigned a locker with a combination.  Because theft does occur, please remind your son to always close and lock his locker and to not give out his combination.  The locker room is not a place for anything valuable.  If your son has an instrument, he may store it in the storage room for safe keeping.  Please label your student’s property.  This will help distinguish it if by chance it turns up missing.  The only items that will be allowed in the locker room are:  athletic equipment (football pads and cleats), workout clothes, and toiletries.  No other items will be allowed.  Spray (Aerosol) deodorants and cologne are NOT allowed in the locker room at school.  7th graders are required to take a shower before going to class.  They will need to bring a towel to shower.  We will give the boys plenty of time to take a shower in the morning before going to class.

    Coaches must be mindful of safety always.  Horseplay in the locker room can be a persistent problem which we address by being presence in the locker room and correcting inappropriate behavior.  However, it is impossible to watch everyone.  When students have been corrected for inappropriate conduct in the locker room and persist in that behavior endangering the safety of others, the may be removed from athletics for the remainder of that year.


    All athletes are required to ride the bus to the games.  For football, all athletes will be required to ride the bus back to school as well.  For basketball, track, and cross country, athletes will be allowed to go home with a parent/guardian as long as the parent/guardian signs him out.  Your son can only be signed out to you.  No student will be allowed to go home with someone else’s parents.  Please make arrangements to pick your son up at the school after games.

    Game schedules are posted at www.rannkonesports.com.  You can access the Rank One site by going to the Myers Athletic Website and clicking on schedules and then clicking on the link.  You can access the Myers Athletic website by going to www.dentonisd.org, clicking on Myers Middle School and clicking Athletics at the top of the page.  I will try to update the website frequently with information regarding practices, games, etc.  Please use this site for any questions that you might have.

    If your son is in ISS, he will not be able to participate in any practice or game on that day. Athletes must pass each of their classes the first six weeks or they will be ineligible to participate in U.I.L. sponsored sports beginning the first day of the eighth week of school.  They, then, must pass all classes to be eligible for participation the second week of the second 8 weeks.  However, players may continue to practice with the team before and after school but may not participate in any games.  Participation includes sitting on the bench, riding with the team or dressing in uniform.   If you son fails a class, he will be ineligible for at least 3 weeks.  If on the progress report he is passing all classes (not just the one he failed) he will regain eligibility.

    Dress Code

    Athletes will be expected to follow the Myers Middle School Dress Code while in athletics and in school.  In athletics, athletes will be expected to wear their Myers athletic workout clothes.  This includes the Myers Athletic shirt, shorts and athletic shoes.  Skateboarding shoes are not appropriate for athletics.  On game days, athletes will be expected to wear a collared button up shirt, tie, dress pants/ khakis and belt.  Students will not be allowed to wear jewelry during athletics or athletic events.  This includes, but is not limited to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. This is a safety issue as well.  Failure to follow the dress code may result in a reduction of the athletic grade.  Coaches will monitor and remind athletes of the dress code.

    Quitting a Sport

    We want everyone to try every sport.  However, we understand that certain sports are not for everyone.  There will be a two week window at the beginning of each season for students to try out the sport.  If the student determines that he does not want to continue, within the 2 week window, he can quit and not have any penalty. If your son decides to quit a sport, he will need to come and speak with the head coach of his sport and turn in any equipment that may have been issued to him. 


     Playing and competing for Bettye Myers Middle School is a privilege. Student­ athletes are held to the highest regard and are role models in the community. As a student ­athlete, you are responsible to portray your team, school and yourself in a positive manner always. Texting, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites have increased in popularity and are used by many people. Please be aware any inappropriate social media behavior by athlete or parent may result in suspension and/or dismissal from Bettye Myers Athletic Activities.

    Parent/Coach Relationships

    Both parenting and coaching are very difficult vocations.  By establishing an understanding between coaches and parents, both are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide a more positive experience for everyone.  Parents have the right to know, and understand, the expectations placed on them and their children. Coaches have the right to know that if parents have a concern, they will discuss it with the coach at the appropriate time and place.

    Communication parents should expect for their child’s coach:

    1)       Coach’s philosophy

    2)       Expectations the coach has for your son or daughter, as well as other players on the team.

    3)       Locations and times of practices and contests.

    4)       Team requirements, i.e., fees, special equipment needed, school & team rules, off season expectations.

    5)       Procedures that will be followed if your child becomes injured during participation.

    Communication coaches expect from parents:

    1)       Concerns regarding their son or daughter expressed directly to the coach at the appropriate time and place.

    2)       Specific concerns in regard to the coach’s philosophy and or expectations.

    3)       Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance.

    As your child becomes involved in interscholastic athletics, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives.  It’s important to understand there may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes.  These are the times discussions with the coach are encouraged.

    Appropriate concerns to discuss with a coach:

    1)       The mental and physical treatment of your child

    2)       What your child needs to do to improve

    3)       Concerns about your child’s behavior

    It is very difficult to accept your child is not playing as much as you may hope.  Coaches’ make decisions based on what they believe is in the best interests of all students participating.  As you can see from the list above, certain things can and should be discussed with your child’s coach.  Other things, such as those listed next, must be left to discretion of the coach.

    Issues NOT appropriate for discussion with your child’s coach:

    1)       How much playing time each athlete is getting.

    2)       Team strategy

    3)       Play calling     

    4)       Any situation that deals with other student-athletes

    There are situations that may require a conference between the coach and parent.  These are not discouraged, as it is important for each party to have a clear understanding of the others’ position.  When these conferences are necessary, the following procedure is suggested to help promote resolution to the issue.

    If a parent has a concern to discuss with the coach, the following procedure should be followed:

    1)       Call the coach to set up an appointment

    2)       If the coach cannot be reached, leave a message or email

    3)       Think about what you expect to accomplish as a result of the meeting

    4)       Stick to discussing the facts, as you understand them

    5)       Do not confront the coach before, during or after a practice or contest.  These can be emotional times for both the parent and coach.  Meetings of this nature do not promote resolution of the situation, but often escalate it.  2008-2009 Parent information Manual 5

    What should a parent do if the meeting with the coach didn’t provide satisfactory resolution?

    1)       Call the athletic director to set up a meeting with athletic director, coach, and parent present

    2)       At this meeting, an appropriate next step can be determined, if necessary

    Students’ involvement in co-curricular activities has been proven to increase their chances of success later in life.  We hope the information contained in this hand out helps make that experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.  (University Interscholastic Parent Information Manual pp. 4-5.  http// www. Uil.utexas.edu/athletics/manuals/pdf/parent_information.pdf.)


    Spectator Expectations at Athletic Events

    Athletic events are a venue for student-athletes to showcase their hard work and dedication to a particular sport or activity.  The majority of the time spectators respect the boundaries set by administrators, coaches and officials that ultimately make for a positive experience for all involved.  However, there are cases that those boundaries are crossed and action must be taken to insure that events are positive and safe for all.  These are examples of, but not limited to, inappropriate spectator behavior:

    1)       Verbal abusing a school administrator or an administrative representative of the host or visiting school, any official, and/or any student athlete

    2)       Actively coaching children from the stands that effects play, officiating, or the players involved in the contest

    3)       Entering locker rooms at any time without permission from a coach, administrator, or a security representative of the host school

    4)       Inciting other spectators in heated exchanges

    The Denton ISD Athletic Philosophy states that one of the many purposes of interscholastic athletics is to instill pride, poise, discipline, class, accountability, and decision making skills that will serve the student- athlete long after they leave their respective schools and positive spectator behavior enhances those attributes.  Equally, negative spectator behavior can take away from the overall athletic experience and character development of our student-athletes.  Therefore, any behavior that may be considered disruptive to the event, the participants and/or the administration or representatives of the host or visiting schools can be addressed from an informal conference with school personnel all the way to suspension from attending future contests.  It is our hope that you will confirm the outworking of Denton ISD student-athletes commitment to excellence by enjoying their athletic events in a positive and supportive way.


    The boys’ athletic locker room is located across from the competition gym in the gym hallway.  Both 7th and 8th grade athletes will share the locker room.  Each athlete will be issued a locker with a built-in locker combination to put his clothes in.

    These locks can easily be left in the open position if the combination is not cleared.  To prevent problems with theft, please be sure ALL clothes and valuables are put in your locker and the locker is locked daily.

    Please encourage your athlete to memorize their combination, and keep all valuables secure making sure everything is INSIDE of their locker.













    Locker-room Acknowledgement Form

    My parents and I (the student-athlete) understand that I am expected to follow the above guidelines in order to protect my issued and personal belongings against theft.  I agree to always comply with these expectations.

    Student-Athlete Signature________________________________________


    Parent Signature________________________________________________

    Date ________________________________

    Athletics Expectations Acknowledgement Form

    Athlete’s Name: _________________________________________

    I have read the information packet and understand the expectations for participation in the Myers Athletic Program.

    Student/Athlete’s Signature                                                                               

    Date ____________________


    I have read and understand the expectations for parents in Denton ISD.


    Parent/Guardian’s Signature                                                                                         

    Date _____________________


     **Please detach this page, sign, and return to the Boys’ Coaches Office.