• Mrs. Peden     Mrs. Peden & Mrs. Nunez    Mrs. Nunez
    I attended LSU and Louisiana Tech, and have a                                                         I attended Denton High School and NCTC and have a
    degree in Early Childhood/ Elementary Education.                                                    license in Cosmotology. I live in Denton with my
    I am currently attending TWU in pursuit of a                                                           husband and children. This is my 3rd year in education
    Master's in Library Science. This is my 21st year                                                      and my 3rd year in the library. I love reading non-
    of teaching, my 4th year in Denton ISD, and my                                                      fiction and realistic fiction.
    3rd year as a librarian. I love reading mysteries
    and historical fiction.
    CSM Digital Educator