•  Reading Log 2017-2018

    Speeding to Read Guidelines  for the year 2017-2018

    Turn 1:  September 18-October 19

    Turn 2:  October 20-December 12

    Turn 3:  December 12-March 1

    Turn 4:  March 2-May 3


    • 100% participation is expected
    • The minimum goal for K-2 is 25 books (due to the shortened time-frame, 10 books is the goal for Turn 1)
    • Picture books: maximum of 20 books per turn
    • Guided reading books: Read by student only. 
    • Graphic novels: Each graphic novel counts as 4 guided reading books.
    • Chapter books: Each chapter books counts as 4 guided reading books.
    • Read Alouds: K-1 only; 2 per week by teacher only; read-alouds by parents do not count

     All books that are read during the school day, at home or at after-school programs count in the competition, keeping the above guidelines in mind.