• 2017 7th Grade Football Schedule
     Location  Location
    Tuesday, Sept. 5th* Monday, Oct. 9th
    Navo @ Little Elm Little Elm Crownover @ Strickland Ryan
    Harpool @ Strickland Ryan   McMath @ Navo Braswell
    Lake Dallas @ Calhoun DHS Myers @ Calhoun DHS
    McMath @ Crownover Guyer Little Elm @ Harpool Guyer
    Myers @ Rodriguez Braswell   Rodriguez @ Lake Dallas  Lake Dallas
    Monday, Sept. 11th Tuesday, Oct. 17th**
    McMath @ Harpool Guyer Lake Dallas @ Navo Braswell
    Crownover @ Little Elm Little Elm Meyers @ Crownover Guyer
    Myers @ Lake Dallas Lake Dallas McMath @ Little Elm Little Elm
    Strickland @ Navo Braswell Harpool @ Calhoun DHS
    Rodriguez @ Calhoun  DHS Rodriguez @ Strickland Ryan
    Monday, Sept. 18th Monday, Oct. 23th
    Harpool @ Meyers Ryan Calhoun @ Crownover Guyer
    Calhoun @ Navo Braswell Harpool @ Lake Dallas Lake Dallas
    Strickland @ McMath DHS Strickland @ Little Elm Little Elm
    Lake Dallas @ Crownover Guyer Navo @ Meyers Ryan
    Rodriguez @ Little Elm  Little Elm Rodriguez @ McMath DHS
    Monday, Sept. 25th Monday, Oct. 30st
    McMath @ Lake Dallas Lake Dallas   Meyers @ Strickland Ryan
    Strickland @ Calhoun DHS Lake Dallas @ Little Elm Little Elm
    Navo @ Harpool Guyer Crownover @ Harpool Guyer
    Little Elm @ Myers Ryan Calhoun @ McMath DHS
    Crownover @ Rodriguez Braswell Navo @ Rodriguez  Braswell
    Monday, Oct. 2nd *Moved to Tuesday because of Labor Day
    Little Elm @ Calhoun DHS   **Moved to Tuesday because of Inservice Day
    McMath @ Meyers Ryan
    Crownover @ Navo Braswell District Champion and order determined
    Strickland @ Lake Dallas Lake Dallas by head to head play and tie breakers
    Rodriguez @ Harpool  Guyer No Playoffs
    Game Times
    B Team:  6:00 PM
    A Team:  8 minutes after the end of the B team game
    Halftimes:  6 minutes for A & B Team games
    Other arrangements my be made if mutually agreed upon by the district(s) administration
    Adults: $4.00
    Students: $2.00