• Here is a brief overview of what we are learning this year.

    Language Arts

    Identifying capital and lowercase letters & sounds

    Writing capital and lowercase letters

    Writing first and last name and high frequency words

    Student created sentence using inventive spelling

    Identifying a letter/word/sentence

    Rhyming words

    Guided Reading:

    Retelling/sequencing a story

    Identifying story characters

    Word segmentation

    Counting syllables in words and words in sentences



    Observe and record properties of objects

    Classifies living  nonliving

    Identify basic needs of animals and plants

    Sorts & compare rocks and give examples of their usefulness

    Using the five senses for observation

    Test science inquiry using the scientific method

    Knowing the uses of science equipment and using them appropriately

    Recognizing changes in the environment (weather)

    Learn and follow science safety rules

    Identify the simple life cycle of a plant

    Learning the effects of making good and bad enviromental choices:

    (conservation, recycling, reusing, reducing waste)  

    Making healthy living choices (food, exercise, hygiene)

    Social Studies

    Following classroom & school rules and procedures

    Communicates needs to others

    Attends & Listens to others

    Learning how to be a friend

    Recite the Pledge of Allegiance 

    Recognize & compare maps and globes

                                                                                       Recognize The U.S. & Texas flags

    Understanding the differences between needs and wants.

                                                                                   Learning about themselves and others

                                                                                      Families and family traditions

                                                                                    Explain why people have jobs

    Identifying Authority Figures (in home, school, & community)

    Identify physical characteristics of : prairie, pond, mountain, river

    Identify contributions of George Washington & Stephen F. Austin

    What is voting, and why it is important

    Explain reasons for patriotic holidays (President's Day , Independence Day)



    Identifying safe and unsafe places

    Identifying the 5 senses

    Using good manners

    Identifying safety equipment

    Identifying safe adults

    Identify how germs spread

    Making healthy living choices (food, exercise, hygiene)


    Learn equipment terms (monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. 

    Properly insert discs in drives 

    How to start and exit programs 

    Produce and print computer generated documents 

    Use varies learning software 

     Become familiar with the terms online,internet email, line



    Recognizing,identifying, and ordering numerals 0-100

    Counting to 100

    Compare objects

        * area & length

                                   * capacity ,  weight/mass, duration


    Patterning(creating & extending)

    Identifying shapes(2 & 3 dimensional)

    Using ordinal numbers

    Sorting and classifying

    Measurement(time,weight, length)

    Identify coins and value(penny, dime, nickle, quarteer 

    Addition & subtraction using manipulatives