• HMS Administrators Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of the grading system?
    The main purpose of the new grading system is that students will be responsible for their own learning and will continue to relearn content until mastery is achieved.
    Do teachers take grades for "homework"?
    If "homework" is for the purpose of practice (formative), a grade will not be taken. It may be reflected in the gradebook with a weight of 0%. If "homework" is a project-based assignment it may be taken as either a minor or major summative grade.
    Why is there no longer a grade reduction for late work?
    The goal is to measure what a student knows and understands. While meeting goals and turning in assignments on time is a desirable behavior, it does not determine whether or not a student knows the content.
    Why are students allowed to retake tests/exams and earn full value on these reassessments?
    Students' grades should reflect their mastery of the content. Allowing students to retake an exam or test allows students to demonstrate their increased knowledge of the content covered.
    What is the plan to reduce the number of students that are required to reassess?
    We plan to teach study skills through Advisory lessons and encourage students to take advantage of tutorials before the initial assessment. 
    How does this method address different learning styles?
    The grading policy is not a method of teaching. However, it gives students who learn at a different pace the time to grasp important concepts without reducing the progress of the class as a whole. The policy also encourages different forms of assessment allowing students to show mastery of concepts.
    How do I understand TEKS listed on assignments?
    Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are standards set by the state of Texas to ensure concepts are being taught for specific subjects/grade levels. Each specific concept is attached to a number and a letter (example: 112.18.a). Check the teacher's website or contact them directly if you have questions about specific TEKS.
    What are Common Assessments?
    These are district-issued assessments written by a panel of teachers from each core subject/grade level. They are designed to be benchmarks to gauge students knowledge of the concepts taught to that point. Data from Common Assessments is used as a tool for teachers to determine the effectiveness of concepts being taught. Common Assessments may or may not be taken as a summative grade. The district is addressing the number of questions per standard on the Common Assessments.
    If you do not see your question(s), please fill out the Grading Policy FAQ Form and check back here for answers.