• Reassessment for Summative Assessments

    Reassessment provides students the opportunity to demonstrate they have increased their knowledge, skills, and/or concepts from the first assessment.
    Extended assessments such as essays, portfolios, or long-term projects will be broken down into smaller learning targets along the way which students will receive a minor summative grade for throughout the process. These extended assessments may be ineligible for reassessment in its entirety because of the checkpoints along the way, but could be eligible for reassessment on a particular learning target. Turning in an extended assessment late or not at all could result in an incomplete (INC) grade, especially if this occurs at the end of a grading period.  
    All students will have the opportunity to reassess summative grades.If a student fails a major summative grade AND is failing the class, they will have a mandatory reassessment and will need to follow the procedures listed below. If a student fails a major summative and is passing the class, then student may choose to reassess.
    On a summative reassessment, the teacher shall record the higher of the two grades.
    Reassessment Procedures:
    1. The student completes formative assessments/assignments related to the summative (as determined by the teacher).
    2. The student engages in additional learning opportunities/assignments (as determined by the teacher).
    3. The teacher selects the time for reassessment, which may include before/after school.
    4. Reassessment form completed and returned with parent signature.
    5. Time frame: Normally within ten school days of the student receiving the grade on the original assessment unless extenuating circumstances exist. We encourage this time frame to ensure students do not fall further behind.
    The same assessment shall not be given to determine mastery. However, the assessment format is subject to the teacher discretion and students will be advised of the format.
    The semester exam is not subject for reassessment.
    Any reassessment beyond the stated procedures would be determined by the teacher and campus administrator.