• Backing up Computer Files

    In preparation for the end of the year, as a precautionary measure, we are requiring that you back up all your data you wish to retain for use the next year. Your computer may be imaged before you return after the summer break. If you did not back up the files located on your computer they will not be recoverable.
    It is YOUR responsibility to back-up all data on your computer. Therefore, we have provided instructions that will assist you in backing up you own files, folders, e-mail, etc.
    • We recommend backing up to an external drive or DVD
    Please follow these directions to back up:
    • Click the Microsoft Start button 

    • Click File Explorer located in the task bar (Windows 10) or Computer (Windows 7)
      File Explorer

    • Double Click the (C:) drive

    • Double Click on Users

    • Double Click the folder with your username (You may see two different folders- one could be your username the other could be your usernameDENTONISD You will need to go into the folder to see which folder contains your files that need to be backed up)

     You have the option of backing up the following folders: (You can double click any of these folders to see what is inside them)
    The most important folders to back up are listed in red type:
              • Contacts - This folder has your contact information
              • Desktop - This folder contains any files or folders that you saved to your desktop
              • Documents - Contains all the files and folders you have saved locally on your computer
              • Downloads - Files that you have downloaded from the internet
              • Favorites - Internet Explorer saved websites
              • Links - Shortcuts to different locations such as your desktop, Google Drive, Etc.
              • Music - iTunes stores information in this folder as well as any music files you may have saved
              • Pictures - Photos you have saved
              • Videos - Videos you have saved
    ***Very Important - As you are backing up files/folders if you see a small square with an arrow in the bottom left corner of the icon this means that it is a shortcut to the original file/folder. Shortcuts will not work from your backup file. You need to be sure you have a copy of the original file/folder. If you do not know where the original is located right click on the shortcut file/folder and select properties. You will see the file/folder location in the target line.  
                                  _________________________ Shortcut Properties
    • Outlook E-mail - If you have exported or created Archives for your Outlook e-mail you will want to be sure to backup those files. By default Outlook creates a folder inside your Documents folder on your computer called Outlook Files. Inside that folder you will find these files unless you changed the save location to a different location. In that case you would need to locate those files and back them up. You can search your computer for these files by: 
        • Double click on your Computer Icon
        • Double click on the (C:) Drive
        • In the search box type: *.pst
        • Press Enter
        • If you have any .pst files located on the hard drive of your computer they will show in the list
       PST Files   
        • You will also see the size of the file and the date it was created
        • Make sure you have these files backed up on your external drive/DVD as you will lose them if your computer is imaged over the summer break.
    • If you use Google Chrome bookmarks follow these directions to back up your Chrome bookmarks:
        • In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome Menu
        • Select Bookmarks>Bookmark Manager
        • Click the drop down arrow beside Organize
        • Select Export bookmarks to HTML file
        • Save the Google bookmarks file in the same location with your other backup files
            Chrome Bookmarks


    • If you use Mozilla Firefox bookmarks follow these directions to back up your Firefox bookmarks:
      • Click the drop down arrow on the Orange Firefox Tab
      • Select Bookmarks
     Firefox Bookmarks
      • Click on Import and Backup
       Import and Backup

      • Export Bookmarks to HTML
      • Save the Mozilla Firefox bookmarks file in the same location with your other backup files
    • Clean and organize your H/One Drive
    • Backup and delete any files that you have saved to the Common (G), Shared (S) or District Drives (O) - All files stored on these three drives will be cleaned up over the summer break. If you have any files on these drives that you do not want to lose you will need to save a copy into your back up files.
    ***VERY IMPORTANT - If you have specialized software that backs up to a database such as QuickBooks you must run a final backup BEFORE having your computer imaged and save that file to a backup location ****
    • Software List - Create a list of all software you currently use. That way if you move rooms/campuses or your computer is imaged you will have a list of what you need on your new machine. To see what software is currently on your computer go to:
      • Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your computer
      • Select All Apps
      • Look through all the software
      • Make a list of the software that you will need installed on a new machine
      • Save your list inside your backup folder. When the next school year begins you will need to submit Heat tickets with the service tag of the new machine to have the software installed on your new computer.
    • To check the file size on a folder or a file you want to backup:
      • Right click the file/folder
      • Select Properties
      • Look at the Size on disk
           File Size


      • A Single-layer DVD-ROM can hold 4.7 GB of data
        • If you choose to back up to a DVD or external drive please remove it from the computer and place it in a safe location
    If you have any questions about back up please send in a Heat ticket and your ITS or HST will answer your questions.