• Setup Computer after Imaging 2015

    •  Log back into your computer and pin your favorite programs to the Start Menu or Task Bar so they will be easy for you to access. (The start menu pops up when you click the Microsoft Start Button. The Task Bar is across the bottom of your screen)

      • Click the Microsoft Start Button

      • Select All Programs

      • Click the program folder Example: Microsoft Office 2013

      • Right click over the software you want to pin and select either Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start Menu
      • In our example we chose Outlook 2013. You can only select one choice at a time so if you want it in both locations go back to the software and right click again and select the other location.
                                                                             Pin to Start/Taskbar
    • TIP: You can locate and open any program or file by clicking the Start Button and typing in the software name or part of the name that you are looking for into the search bar. See Example below:    Search
    • Open Outlook 2013

    • You will be prompted to login with your full email address and network password. Check the box to remember my credentials
    • Click OK                                                       Email
    • You will see the message on the Outlook blue screen, Preparing Outlook for the first use with the percentage. Once Outlook has retrieved your mailbox, Outlook will open  
    • You may be prompted to close out and restart Outlook several times. Please do this!

    • Once you have opened Outlook, you will see as it is updating parts of your mailbox on the bar at the bottom. The example below shows that it is currently updating the calendar. The larger your mailbox, the longer this may take to update all folders, calendars and tasks.
    • Once all folders have synced, the message This folder is up to date appears
                                                      Up todate
    • TIP: Outlook 2013 runs better/faster in cached mode. (Putting Outlook in Cached Mode enables a better experience when you use an Exchange account. In this mode, a copy of your mail box is saved on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your data, and it is frequently updated with the server that runs Microsoft Exchange. You will find Outlook will work faster in this mode) 

    • In Outlook Click on the File tab across the top menu
                                                                 File Tab
    •  Click on Account Settings, Account Settings
                                                               Account Info
    • In the Account Settings window click on your email address to highlight it
    • Click Change

    • Click the box beside Use Exchange Mode to put a check in the box
                                                 Cached Mode
    • Click Next

    • Click OK at the message that says The operation you selected will not complete until you quit and restart Microsoft Outlook

    • Click Finish

    • Click Close

    • Close then open Outlook 2013

    Importing Favorites/Bookmarks from your backup file


    • Internet Explorer 

      • Open the Internet Explorer web browser

      • Click File (If you do not see the file menu press the Alt key to bring up the menu bar)

      • Scroll down and select Import and export

      • Select Import from a file

      • Click Next

      • Click Favorites

      • Click Next

      • Browse to your Internet Explorer Backup File

      • Double Click on the backup file

      • Click Next

      • Click Import

      • Click Next

      • Click finish

    • Chrome

      • Open the Chrome web browser

      • Click the Chrome Menu in the top-right corner of the browser window 
                                                    Chrome Menu

      • Select Bookmarks / Bookmark Manager

      • Click the Organize menu
                                               Import Export

      • Select Import bookmarks from HTML File

      • Locate and click on your backup Chrome file
      • Click Open

      • Close the Bookmark Manager page

    • Firefox

      • Open the Firefox web browser

      • Click the Bookmarks Button located on the top right of the page and select Show All Bookmarks
                                      Bookmark Button

      • On the toolbar in the Library window that will open up click the Import and Backup button
                                                      Import and Backup
      • Select Import Bookmarks from HTML

      • Browse to your Firefox backup file and click on it

      • Click Open

      • Close the Library window

      • The bookmarks in the selected HTML file will be added to your Firefox bookmarks within the Bookmarks directory

    • Printer Install

      • Click the Microsoft Start Button

      • Click the Devices and Printers button
                                           Devices and Printers

      • Click Add a printer

      •  Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
      • Click the printer that I want isn't listed at the bottom of the Add printer window

      • Select Find a printer in the directory, based on location feature

      • Click Next

      • Type in the campus name

      • Click the Find Now button

      • All the printers for that campus will appear in the window (If you typed out the campus name and no printers appear in the window change the campus name to the campus initials. Example: Ryan High School would be RHS)

      • Scroll through the list of printers and double click on the printer you want to install

      • You will see a pop up window as it installs the drivers. After the drivers finish installing click Next

      • If you want this to be your default printer leave the box checked that says Set as the default printer. If you don't want this printer to be your default printer remove the check mark
                                                                              Default Printer
      • You have the option to click the button to Print a test page if you want to make sure it is working

      • Click the Finish button

    • Software Center

      • Go to the software center to install any needed software

      • Click the Microsoft Start button and type Software Center in the search field, Look at the top of the window under Programs. Right Click on Software Center and pin this to your start menu for future easy access
                                                              Software Center

      • Click the Microsoft Start Button

      • You will now see the Software Center in the list that pops up

      • Click the Software Center to open it

      • Look through the Available Software

      • Click the box beside any software you see in the list that you want to install

      • Click the INSTALL button in the lower right corner

      • Once you click the install button you will see that you automatically move to the tab that says Installation Status. You will be able to see the progress of the software as it installs

      • After the software has finished installing you can click the Installed Software tab to see what you have installed through the software center

      • Once you are finished you can close the Software Center window