In order to maintain an environment for SUCCESS, please…

    Ø  Follow the student code of conduct.

    Ø  Show respect at all times. Mutual respect in the classroom is expected. Relationships include teacher-student, student-student, and student-staff.  School and personal property should be handled in a respectful manner.

    Ø  Be prepared for class:

    §  Bring all required materials to class.

    §  Be seated in your desk and quiet when the tardy bell rings

    Ø  You will have a list of photo assignments for every nine weeks. Plan accordingly.

    Ø  Demonstrate proper classroom manners. It is proper to raise one’s hand before speaking, listen when others are talking, and contribute to the class discussion instead of talking to one’s neighbor. Activities that hinder the learning process are not acceptable.

    Ø  Do not bring distracting items into the classroom.

    Ø  If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to get notes and assignments from another student immediately upon returning to school.

    Ø  Late work: Be sure all work is turned in before the end of the nine weeks. Just remember assignments prepare you for the next one. Attending before or after school may be required to complete and turn in assignments. While all assignments will eventually earn a grade, continually missing assignments or turning assignments in late may result in teacher detentions and/or referral to office with other consequences.

    Ø  Most photo assignments will be conducted outside of the class period. Some assignments will require attending Guyer and local events. Transportation is not provided. Advance notice will be given.

    Ø  Be prepared to upload photos. IE batteries/cable, etc.

    Ø  Camera is not provided.

    Ø  Verbal Warning

    Ø  Detention/Parent phone call

    Ø  Referral to Office

    Ø  Please note that consequences are not necessarily administered in this order.