• First Quarter Photojournalism PHOTO Assignments

    *Most photo assignments are completed outside the class period (before/after school).

    *Upload options: Email to Mr. Turner @ LTurner@dentonisd.org if 1 file OR share assignment through Google Slides/Google Docs

    *Bring the necessary equipment to upload the photos i.e. USB cords, camera, CD, flash drive, etc.

    * Remember ALL assignments will incorporate the photo rules of composition.

     1. “Selfie” Photo Assignment: Take 1 photo of yourself. 1 grade Due August 23, Wednesday (Minor)

     2. Photo Rules of Composition Assignment: Take 2 photos of that represent each photo rule of composition. This is a total of 10 photos. Place into a Power Point presentation. Due September 5, Monday (Major)

    3. Life Formula for Visual Variety Assignment: Take 8 photos using the Life Formula. Place into a Power Point presentation. Due September 11, Monday (Major)

    4. Annie Leibovitz Photo Assignment: Using ideas and how Annie Leibovitz takes photo, take a portrait photo of a person.  Look at examples of her work and/or recall techniques observed from the documentary. Due September 19, Tuesday (Minor)

    5. Dusk & Dawn Color Photo Assignment: Take 3 photos at Dusk (sunset) and Take 3 photos at Dawn (sunrise). This is about 20-40 minutes before sunset or after sunrise. (The sun is near the horizon.) Obviously, the photos are taken outside, but the subject matter is up to you. You do not have to be in the same location for each photo. These photos are not of the sun rather the lighting it provides (2 photos) Due September 25, Monday (Minor)

    6. ISO Photo Assignment: Using your camera settings, practice changing the ISO settings. This can be done in class with school cameras or your own. Due September 27, Wednesday (Minor)

     Other photos assignments will be incorporated during the quarter. There may be class time for the assignments above, but also use your own time to complete.