• Team 6-2 Reassessment

    Hello, Parents!


    Denton ISD has adopted a reassessment policy for students. Here are the details of this policy, according to how they will be implemented on Team 6-2.


    If a student earns a 69 or less on an assessment AND is below a 70 in the class, then a mandatory reassessment will be assigned and given by the teacher.


    If a student earns a 69 or less on an assessment, but is passing the class, a reassessment may be assigned, as decided by the teacher.


    If a student receives a 70 or higher on an a major assignment they may voluntary reassess, and are responsible for completing all extra work and printing and filling out the reassessment form.


    Unexcused missed required reassessments will result in a lost ticket.  Multiple missed reassessments will result in an after school detention. 


    Check the Reassessment Links on individual teacher pages for forms and specific reassessment review work.


    Please remember, before any reassessment can occur:

     - the student and the parent need to complete and sign the Reassessment Form

    - there will be review assignments or tutoring that is required before the reassessment will be given

    - they are by appointment only; the student and teacher need to confirm the date and time of the reassessment.


    The following days and times reflect when the team teachers will schedule reassessments:  


      DAY                 BEFORE SCHOOL                                      ADVISORY                                                     AFTER SCHOOL




    Fun Monday!

     Ms. Edwards- English


    Mr. Harmon- History 

    Mrs. Cooper- Science/  Ms. Rice- Reading



    Mr. Harmon- History 

    Mr. Harmon-History/ Leatherwood- English



    Mrs. Cooper- Science            

    Study Skills Lesson




    Mr. Shults- Math / Ms. Edwards- English





Last Modified on November 6, 2017