• Paloma Creek’s Grading Policy

    Information to Parents on New Grading

    Procedures in Grades 3, 4, and 5

    Beginning this year, standards-based report cards will be utilized in Denton ISD for students up through 5th grade.  As a way to begin preparing our families for this, grades given to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at Paloma Creek will reflect authentic assessment and mastery of learning.  What you can expect to see as part of our campus procedures this school year are as follows:

    • Students will not receive a grade of zero on any assignment.  Our goal is to truly see what a child has learned/mastered, so giving a grade of zero reflects that a child has learned “zero” percent of the content.  We do not feel that a grade of zero is a true representation of knowledge, so we will be implementing a daily study hall in these grade levels.  If students should fail to complete assignments, they will utilize this time to do so while being supervised by a grade level teacher.

    • Students will have natural consequences that fall into the respective categories of academic versus behavior.  For example, if a student does not turn in homework, the natural academic consequence is to complete it in study hall instead of going to recess.  Again, our goal is to drive instruction based on student needs, and the student has to complete the assignment in order to know what has been learned and where intervention might be needed.

    • Grades given will reflect mastery of learning, so there will be less numeric grades entered into the grade book for students.  Teachers will spend a great amount of time authentically assessing students and guiding their instruction accordingly.  As learning occurs throughout the six-weeks, you will receive specific feedback on where your child’s level of mastery is, but that will not always be associated with a numeric grade.  This feedback may come home in various ways.  You may see rubrics, written communication or other methods to show you where your child’s level of understanding/mastery is on a specific concept or skill set.

    As the year begins, you will receive more information from your homeroom teacher regarding grading practices specific to your child’s class.  In addition, teachers will be communicating their practices during parent/teacher conferences, which are held at the end of the 1st six-week period.  While this may be adjustment for you and your child, there is a vast amount of research to remind us that numeric grades do not always show an accurate picture of what a child truly has mastered, as they can be quite subjective.  The only way to truly look at mastery is to focus on student learning, utilize authentic assessment and involve the students in that process.


    Standards Based Resources

    When you click on the link, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view district resources regarding Standards Based Report Cards.