P- Preview the questions
    U- Underline the title of the story
    R- Read the story
    S- Search for answers
    E- Every answer underlined and numbered 
    PURSE is a reading strategy that students use to prove their answers in a reading comprehension story. First, the students are expected to read each question, so that they will know what they will be expected to answer.  Then, they underline the titile.  This gives them an idea of the topic of the passage.  After that, they will read the passage.  Next, they will search for the answers in the passage in order to answer the questions correctly.  When they find the answer in the passage, they are expected to underline the sentence that gives them the answer, and write the question number that corresponds to that answer.
    For example:
    The boy ran to school.  The girl walked to school  They both got to school at the same time.  1The girl lives closer to school than the boy so she can take her time.
    Question 1:  Who lives closer to the school?
    Answer:  The girl 
    Notice, the entire sentence that answers the question is underlined and there is a 1 placed before the sentence to show that is where the answer to question 1 is found.