• Dual Credit Courses are courses that receive both college and high school credit.
    Students must have a 3.0 GPA and meet college readiness standards on the TSI to be eligible to apply for Dual Credit courses. 
    Take the Dual Credit Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/sJ38UYJxpz 
    See TWU's presentation: Dual Credit Presentation
    Steps for Dual Credit through TWU:
    1. Take the TSI (results are instant) and Check your GPA
    2.  Apply to TWU: Follow their checklist for necessary paperwork, important notes below:
    • Braswell's School Code is 440018
    • Request your Transcript through your Naviance Family Connection account (student account only.)
    • Send your Permission Form to the Braswell Counselors. (You can drop it off in the Counseling Center or scan and email it to your counselor.) 
    3. Register and Pay for the course 
    Dual Credit through TWU:
    TWU Dual Credit Permission Form       Dual Credit Handbook       TWU Dual Credit Website      TSI at TWU 
    Dual Credit through NCTC 
    US History is available online or on the NCTC campus. 
     Apply to NCTC and/or TWU
    Braswell Facts as of 4/4/2017:
       Braswell is planning to offer Dual Credit English 3 and 4 on campus.
       Braswell is planning to offer Dual Credit US History on campus. 
       You must be registered to take the TSI before August 1st to be able to apply.