• Photojournalism

    Instructor:  Mr. Turner
    E-Mail Address: Lturner@dentonisd.org
    Phone Number:  (940) 369-1170 Conference: 9:50-11:20

    :  Photojournalism introduces students to the world of photography and journalism.  The law, ethics, and history of photography will complement the major units of study: operation and care of the camera, taking pictures, film and print processing, teamwork, and management skills.
    EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENT LEARNING (TEKS):   Are available online at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/teks
    Major Summative 60% assignments will include projects, photos, layout design, and test
    Minor Summative 40% assignments will include quizzes, discussion questions, and photos

    In-class work will prepare students for the summative assessments, but are not recorded as a grade. One assignment may have multiple grades and covers several TEK objectives. Please remember assignments in photojournalism result in the quality production of the newspaper and yearbook. The goal is to train students and use their work in the yearbook and newspaper.  Taking good photos takes lots of practice and taking lots of photos, so don’t settle with the first shots. Meeting due dates will be good practice for yearbook and newspaper.


    §  Box of Tissues

    • Pens/Pencils/Paper
    • Digital Camera (Any brand or model)


    • All chemicals for B/W Processing
    • Photo paper
    • One roll of B/W film