COURSE DESCRIPTIONJournalism is geared to the highly motivated student who desires a firm background in journalistic technique.  This course covers the essential ingredients of newspaper writing including: news stories, feature, editorials, and headlines.  This course will also stress the techniques of observation, interviewing, reporting, and ethics in the media.  In addition, proofreading, editing, and newspaper layout will be covered.


    EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENT LEARNING (TEKS):   Are available online at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/teks


    TEXTBOOK:   Journalism Matters


     GRADING:  Major Summative 60% assignments will include final articles, photos, layout design, and quizzes

    Minor Summative 40% assignments will include rough drafts, UIL practice prompts, discussion questions,

    interviews, Q & A, etc.

    In-class work will prepare students for the summative assessments, but are not recorded as a grade. One assignment may have multiple grades and covers several TEK objectives. Please remember all assignments in a journalism class result in the quality production of the newspaper and yearbook. Revision and editing are expected, but keep deadlines in mind.



    Box of Tissues, pens, pencils, loose leaf paper