Here is what you need to know about Second Grade! If you need clarification or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
     Students will be expected to read for 20 minutes each night. They will also have an online math resource that they can work on at school and at home. We will be sending home more information shortly.
    Celebrating Birthdays
     In order to promote healthy lifestyles and to respect children with food allergies, we have chosen to stop serving sweet treats when celebrating birthdays. However, we still want to celebrate this special day for your child! Therefore, they can choose the following options on their birthday:
    1. Extra recess- we will go outside (weather permitting) for an extra 15-20 minutes
    2. Dance party- your child can choose several school appropriate songs (from Just Dance Kids or GoNoodle) and they can dance their hearts out for about 15 minutes
    3. PJ day- the whole class can come to school in their PJ's (with tennis shoes) for the day 
     It is very helpful if your child goes home the same way every day. However, we understand that sometimes schedules need a little flexibility. Please make sure that you send a note or an email if your child is going home a different way or with a different person. If we do not have a note or an email we must send them home their regular way. I will check my emails during our planning time from 11:50-12:40. If you have not received a response from me or if it is a last minute change, please contact the office at (940)369-1300.
    Students can bring their own healthy snack and water bottle each day. Students will eat their snack while working, so we appreciate very easy to open and clean snacks to avoid a mess. Good examples include grapes, pretzels, cheese, popcorn, carrots, etc. 
     Parent Communication
     We will be using the website/app called Seesaw this year. You can access this by downloading an app to your phone or from a computer. It is a great way to take a peak into your child's day, and see what they are learning. This year your child will be more involved in the posts and information that will be going on Seesaw, so it will be very beneficial for you to have access to this resource. If you need help setting your child's account up, please let me know and I will do my best to help! I am also available through email or a phone call after school. 
     Extra Information 
    -The classroom can get chilly, especially during the summer, so your child might want to bring a small sweater to school each day. 
    -We have a few classroom headphones available for our class to use, but if you would like for your child to have his/her own pair of headphones for our chromebooks they are welcome to bring a small pair to leave in their cubby. 
Last Modified on August 11, 2017