• DHS College Application Drive
    Denton High School is excited to announce a College Application Drive, with support from the Miles Foundation (http://www.milesfdn.org/), to encourage Senior Broncos to submit college applications as early as possible. Submitting college applications early provides two great benefits for students...
    1. Submitting applications early may improve the chances for admission to a university
    2. Submitting applications early can improve a student's consideration for financial aid to a university
    In an effort to encourage students to submit college applications early, we are excited to announce a qualified drawing for seniors who complete and submit college applications by October 31, 2017. A student will be entered in to the drawing for each application they submit to a college or university (2 or 4 year). For example, if a student submits 3 applications by October 31, then they have 3 entries into the drawing.
    The top prize for this drawing is a $500 scholarship. $1,000 in additional college-related prizes will also be distributed to selected students who meet the drawing eligibility criteria listed below.
    To be eligible for the drawing, a student must complete the following steps...
    1. Complete and submit a college application to a 2- or 4-year college/university
    2. Update their Naviance account to reflect which applications have been submitted
    3. Formally request a transcript to be sent to the specific college/university via Naviance 
    The following 2 videos can help a student complete steps 2 & 3 from the list above...