• Registration

    •  Registration must be done by the child(ren)'s legal parent or guardian. The legal guardian must provide a legal document showing they are the legal guardian.
    • ESD Registration is completed 100% online. If you do not have access to internet/a computer, parents can access a computer in the ESD main office for registration purposes. There is a 48 hour or 2 business day turnaround period for processing. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email from our system with a temporary password for your parent portal. This will allow you to login and pay tuition. Once we receive your tuition payment, you will receive a welcome email from the main office and this will be your final verification of enrollment in our program and will state the start date for your child.

    • Please note: Parents/legal guardians will be blocked from enrolling any child(ren) in future ESD programs until all past due balances are paid in full.


    •  Parents/legal guardians must complete the online registration form for each child. The registration forms must include the child’s personal information, emergency information, information for all authorized pick up persons, a medical release, photo release, and liability waiver.

      We cannot release your student to individuals if we do not have their driver’s license numbers on file. This information must come from you. You cannot give this information directly to ESD staff at the campus. This information must be documented in the main ESD office initially and the ESD staff will relay this information to the staff on the campus.

    • Authorized pick up persons must be 18 years old or older and have a valid state driver’s license, valid state ID, passport, or military ID. Any person designated to pick up your child(ren) must show ID to our staff before students will be released.

    • A copy of the enrollment form will be kept on file in the ESD main office and a copy will be kept in the student’s group binder at his/her designated ESD campus.

    • The ESD main office and your child’s school do not share children’s file information, so please be sure to update your student’s school and the main ESD office of any changes throughout the school year.

    • If you wish to de-enroll you child, go to Forms and fill out the De-enroll notice completely and send to Extendschoolday@dentonisd.org. If you re-enroll after withdrawing, there will be a $50 administration fee.

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