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    Watch our kickoff video from the last school year, 2016-17! 

    Team Reading Forms

    Fill out your team's form to log books that you have read in entirety (scroll to bottom of this page)!


    Students can qualify for a pizza party if they read and log TWO 75+ page nonfiction books and THREE 150+ page fiction books. 

    One of the fiction books can be one that is being read or has been read in class and it can be from last 9 weeks. 

    All submissions are due December 8, 2017.


    6-1 #harpoolreads FORM


    6-2 #harpoolreads FORM


    7-1 #harpoolreads FORM


    7-2 #harpoolreads FORM


    8-1 #harpoolreads FORM


    8-2 #harpoolreads FORM


Last Modified on November 13, 2017