Welcome to the 2017 Reading Challenge!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read a book a month for 2017. We have 26 categories to choose from to help you vary your reading habits.  This is open to everyone at Ryan High School, adults and students. 
  • Try to read books that are appropriate for your students.
  • Try to read something you haven't before! (Except for your childhood favorite of course.)
  • Feel free to challenge your students (or your friends!)
  • Ask for recommendations from others, teachers, students, or librarians!
  • Publicize your progress in any way you choose.
  • Help us change our reading culture for good here at Ryan High School!
Here is the Challenge list in pdf form for easy printing and/or saving: 2017 RHS Reading Challenge
Once you've read a book, submit your reading in this Google Form: