• Dear 4th Grade Parents:


    This letter is to inform you of the opportunity for your child to participate in the Orchestra program next year in 5th grade.

     There are many benefits gained when participating in the orchestra program. Research studies are continually linking instrumental music study with benefits in the areas of cognitive development, critical thinking, creativity, physical coordination, self-confidence, social skills and emotional well-being.  We hope you and your child will consider enrolling in the orchestra program for next year. The orchestra instrument offered in 5th grade are the violin, viola, cello and bass. I have included a document describing these instruments. (Here it is)

     What would be expected of my child as a member of the orchestra program?

    •           Orchestra students bring their instruments 2 times a week for class during the school day.

    •           The orchestra performs 3-4 evening concerts during the school year.

    •           Orchestra students expand their mental and physical coordination while having FUN!

     How do I sign my child up for the orchestra program?

    You would need to fill out the attached form (found HERE)  and have your child turn it into the front office OR fill out the google form found at https://goo.gl/forms/SRcIOabWYsuhPfFJ2.  I will leave extra copies of sign-up forms in the front office.  Orchestra class will fill up! Students will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis by turning in their sign-up form. Please discuss with your child which string instrument they would like to play and list their preferences in rank order.

     How do I get an instrument for my child?

    The first step in getting an instrument is to be sized by me and then arrange to start renting an instrument for the Fall. I will be on the Nelson stage to size student from 7:35-7:50 on 5/22, 5/24 and 5/26. On 5/24 I will also be in the science lab after school until 3:30. I have listed some stores below that rent instruments and can arrange to have them delivered and start the renting process in the fall. They will also help you with the book and shoulder rest/ rock stop that you will need. If you will be receiving free/ reduced lunch then the district will help you with the rental process for either $25/$50 a year. If you wish to pursue this option still sign up for orchestra and the instrument rental process will start in the fall for those receiving free/reduced lunch. These students will still need the other supplies. 

     What supplies will I need?

    1. Instrument and Bow that are correctly sized for you. Your teacher will size you and choose the correct size of instrument that you should get.

    2. Book Essential Elements book 1 for your instrument

    3. Rosin (usually comes free with a new rental instrument)

    4. Violin/Viola - Shoulder rest - in the correct size for your instrument

    (Kun or Everest brand highly recommended)

    5. Cello/Bass - Rock Stop (keeps end pin from slipping on floor)


    Local music Stores that I suggest for rental and supplies: They both have online rental options and prices:



Last Modified on May 4, 2017